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  1. When you are entering a blog post's published date, you select a date from the date picker. I wonder what was the use case behind presenting a date picker to the user where the only way to move the date is by month only!? It's already bad enough that you cannot migrate a site's content to another easily. On top of this, try entering over 130 news publications again ONE BY ONE where the dates go back as far as 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, when you finally clicked the BACK ARROW on the date picker about 120 TIMES to get to 2012, and you save and publish, Squarespace does not even remotely saves the date when you duplicate this blog post in order to save on the clicking! (...sarc...) The Squarespace development team should be responsible entering news items (and other blog posts) so they can feel the pain they've created! We have news publications from 2012, 13, 14, 15, etc. And there are a couple for each year. Can you guess how many times one has to click the back arrow to advance the date by month!? By the time I get done, I'll have to buy another mouse because its button will be ruined! Thank you for not allowing to select the year and month from a dropdown! That would've been so much more inconvenient! Imagine being able to select the date in 3 clicks as opposed to 120! I bet the person who approved this date picker doesn't have much experience in the real world, does he? Do me a solid and fire him!
  2. Hey thanks for the input Derrick! I see what you mean. Unfortunately this will not work, I'd say. I am migrating a site for a client from 7.0 to 7.1. That's in itself is a huge pain already! They used to have all the press releases in a huge, single textbox. I figured I'll make it nicer using the blogs, hooked up to a summary block with a pager. But that sounds way too complicated for them to use. Press releases are constantly being added and they don't want any complicated solutions. They don't have an in-house person so they do everything by themselves. But between running the company and posting news they simply cannot start chaining blocks together and figuring out how all that works. I told them years ago WP is the way to go, but they didn't listen... Well, bummer. I'll just dump all the press releases as they were before. Just into a single text box that you can scroll for 10 minutes. At least that'll keep clients busy 🙂
  3. Hello, I am using v7.1. We have about 135 news items that I am collecting in blog format. On the News page I am using a Summary block to display the first 10 news items out of the 135. The problem is, there's no pager associated with the Summary block so it's not possible to page through the entire news releases. Why not? To make things even worse, the Summary block can only display a list of max 30 items. WHY!? Ever come across a blog that has more than 30 entries? How can I overcome the shortcomings of the Summary block (eg displaying more than 30 items and using a pager)? Is there another solution you recommend for a lot of blog/news posts? Thanks.
  4. I don't have any issues with the scrolling. The dynamic white header (or whatever color your background is) will come back is you selected the Fixed header Scroll Back style. If the header is transparent and is fixed, when you start scrolling you will not see the menu because it will overlap with other elements on the page and gets messy and confusing. Hence you need to have a background color for the header when you scroll out. If you don't want the white header to come back when you scroll out, don't use Fixed Header style.
  5. Did you check out the demo site I posted? The burger menu IS visible on both desktop and mobile on both pages.
  6. Why is everyone going about a simple thing the most complex way?
  7. Your embed code is wrong. First of all, what is the <style> tag doing in there? Second, when I use an embed code from SoundCloud, it actually embeds the song image and play controls and it works just fine. Yours doesn't show anything even if I remove the <style> tags. I suggest you review the embed code and make sure it's correct.
  8. You can easily do this by compositing shape(s), text, image(s), and buttons on top of each other.
  9. No custom code. Sorry, I can't share the URL at this point. But I found a "solution". I had to add another block to the footer, click on that block, and then I was able to click on the icons. This behavior is somewhat of a "bug" - I'd think. Maybe that little section editor popup should be moveable.
  10. 1. For the Header, set the Style to "Dynamic" (see attachment) 2. For the inside pages, inject the following into each page's header. Use whatever color you want the header to be on those pages. <style type="text/css"> .header-announcement-bar-wrapper { background-color: yellow; } </style> In action (I used a photo instead of a video). Navigate between Home and Page One. https://sheep-butterfly-4l87.squarespace.com pw: Header
  11. Are you sure you guys not overthinking this a little? Does it HAVE TO BE two sections? Why? You can totally fake it with a single section make it look like two. Works on mobile, too. Description is on the page. PW: Accordion https://elephant-apricot-d89n.squarespace.com/overlap
  12. When I start to edit the Footer, as soon as I hover over it, the little popup box covers the icons. There's no way to get to them. The popup box cannot be moved. Screen Recording 2023-03-15 at 2.03.11 AM.mov
  13. I see this question comes up a lot. After you link jQuery into your page's header, add 4 lines of scripts as well. Demo site available for 14 days starting form March 14, 2023 (password: Accordion). See my post here for explanation and code (which you can also see on the site):
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