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  1. Yeap, SQS (and several of the US based 3rd party add ons for that matter) have a lot of UI additions that need integrating to make it properly/professionally European usable. Multi language on the site editor, the option to choose a different language for the e-commerce dash board, shipping add ons dashboards not multi language etc etc. Just want to give a heads up to Weglot though. You pay... but it delivers exactly what It says on the tin and the translation interface is first class.
  2. Here's a question: I have set up a name.com website/store that is currently operating in Euro's. Because SQS does offer multi currency at check out I was planning on copying the site and creating a totally "new" account that I could set up in a different currency. Can I then point this new site to a sub domain of the original ie: sub.name.com? I'll then use geofencing to redirect the client based on IP location to the new subdomain/currency site. Possible? It sounds nice and clean and I don't want to set up multiple ccTLD's. Advice, Experience anyone. Where should I set up the gTLD for example? On the original SQS site? One the domain holders DNS? Any advice would be very welcome.
  3. Thank you everyone and sorry for the late response, just come home from vacation. Yeap Paul, I agree... for a profession service the lack of shipping options( or proper professional options is a concern. And by professional I mean having the UI available in all languages. Only having in English is a non starter in European warehouses/ plus excluding several key European/local carriers. Really? Maria, I've sent a message to Outvio. If they can add Poste Italiane, it looks like a deal. I'll wait and hear back what they say. Thanks for that link.
  4. Thanks for the info Paul. This was a great deal more complex than I was expecting. These large international's shipping Apps can integrate with everything, ShippyPro even with Weebly! I 'll check out those links you sent and hopefully the carriers are listed (shippo doesn't list them BTW). Squarespace is seriously lacking here which is sad. if we can get this to fly I have no option other than moving the e commerce over to Shopify which is very annoying and a complete wast of time and money.
  5. Hi Community. I've built a simple site and store for a client: www.cuvget.com and now need to integrate it with a shipping application popular in Italy/Europe called ShippyPro. Unfortunately there is no direct shipping plugin except Shippo which doesn't handle the necessary European carriers and won't be adding them. This mean I need an API between Squarespace and ShippyPro. The name Zapier comes up often, has anyone had experience with that offering or have a suggested work-around? Appreciate your help. David
  6. Ive just done that by opening a second image box, importing the transparent png and then positioning that box directly on top of the other image box. Works perfectly. If you import the original picture image into illustrator, and create an art-board the same dimensions as the picture, place graphics over the top and then export the transparent png as an art board (minus the original pic of course) the two images (your jpg photograph and png graphic image) will both follow the exact same positioning, scaling/fitting commands in SQS.
  7. Hi Squares, I have the site set up with the default SQS "appear from bottom" effect as chosen in the site styles. Looks great. Heres a question. Some of the pictures have a transparent .png text graphic added directly over the top. Looks great. I'd like text graphic to animate in and over the picture after the first (underlaying) picture is revealed: First the picture fades in (squarespace effect) Then the png graphic comes in over the top. Possible to have some code that could effect them alone without having to turn off SQS effects and doing everything manually? It's a dead simple effect, there must be an answer. All responses appreciated.
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