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  1. Hi Websley, Thanks for your reply. I decided not to use the Acuity button in the end because it doesn't open a popup on iphones. It opens the acuity scheduling page instead which I don't like because it takes the client off the website. I contacted squarespace/acuity, and they said this popup feature is not compatible with iphones. Thanks anyway!
  2. Thanks Creedon! That worked amazing on the individual product page. I noticed that it didn't change it on the main store page. Is there a way to change it here as well? I want only the surf lessons price to say "/lesson". Thanks again!
  3. Hi there, I noticed the Acuity button is more rectangular and not as round/pill-shaped like the other buttons on the squarespace website. Is there a way to change this, so that the acuity button matches the pill-shaped buttons? Maybe in the code of the button? Any help is greatly appreciated! password: retanamolina
  4. Ok thanks Creedon! Here is the URL: https://dandelion-mandolin-fyb7.squarespace.com/shop-tours/p/surf-lesson password: retanamolina I would like this product only (without changing the other products in the store) to say "/lesson" after the price and "# of Lessons" for the quantity box. I appreciate your help!
  5. That worked perfectly. Thanks Tuan! I used your code and it worked on all products: .product-price:after { content: "/person"; } I have just one product that needs to be different and say "/lesson" instead of "/person". How can I change it for just one product without affecting the rest of the other products? Thanks so much!
  6. But can you do this on a product page!?!?
  7. Hi Creedon, I tried the code you suggested above to change the quantity label on a single page, and it worked, but it changed it on every page. I put it in custom css. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong? #item-664cce06a637841f6af29026.quantity-label{ visibility: hidden; } .quantity-label:before { visibility: visible; content: "# of Lessons"; display: block; } I also have this in the custom css for all the other pages. Not sure if the two code snippets are messing with each other. .quantity-label { visibility: hidden; } .quantity-label:before { visibility: visible; content: "# of People:"; display: block; font-size:1rem } I want the quantity label to be "# of People" on all pages except one, where I want it to be "# of Lessons". Thanks for your help.
  8. Hello, The logo on the Acuity Scheduling page appears blurry no matter what I do. I've tried uploading different sizes, file formats, etc. and nothing seems to work. Any advice here would be appreciated.
  9. Hi there, I'm looking for a way to put a shuttle style booking widget/plugin on a squarespace website. I'll post some photos as examples of what I'm looking for. I'd love to do it using Acuity, but I don't think this is possible. So, I'm open to any suggestions. I'd like the option to have separate fields for "pick up" and "drop off, with a drop down menu of location options to choose from.
  10. Did you find a solution for this? I'm looking for the same thing.
  11. Has anyone found a solution to adding gallery blocks in 7.1 if you're not a circle member?
  12. Is there a way to scroll through the galleries without leaving the page? See photo attached with red arrows drawn in.
  13. Hello @tuanphan. Thanks for your response! I don't want to turn all those photos into a single carousel/slideshow. I'm looking for a way to make each photo its own slideshow (see photo). In other words, I want to add a block that is a slideshow that can go beside another block that is a slideshow, etc. The only option I see is to add a whole section as a slideshow that goes all the way across the page. I want the slideshows to go beside each other within the same section.
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