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  1. Sorry I didn't word my l last reply very well. 

    The code you suggested did work (thank you), but has created a huge space above the illustration. So I tried a different code I found online (with the illustration sitting in the second section rather than the top section and changed the transform to -90% so it goes up instead of down). That would have been perfect, except it's hidden part of the illustration (even in incognito). 

    Here is a screenshot to the new code you supplied - still having the issue with the large space above the illustration 😞

    Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 9.00.38 am.png

  2. I just tried this code: 



    @media only screen and (max-width: 640px){ p{font-size:1rem!important} }


      only screen and ( pointer : coarse ) and ( min-width : 1025px ),
      screen and ( min-width : 800px )
          #block-c9f53ce53f70960728d0 {
            transform : translateY( -90% );


    Which almost worked (negates the banner heigh issue in my previous reply) - but the illustration is half hiding under the top banner... See screenshot. Is there a way of bringing it forward?

    Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.34.18 pm.png

  3. Could someone please help me work out how to set an image to overlap two sections that are divided by a wavy divider rather than a straight line? I can only find tutorials on adding a shape (rectangle) to simulate extending a section in the same colour but I'm unsure of a way around this whilst using the wavy divider? See screenshot. 

    I'm not very confident with coding but happy to give it a crack with some assistance!

    Thanks in advance 🙂



  4. Hi all, 

    I'm fairly new to selling Squarespace builds to my clients, and I'm wondering what the standard/best practise is when it comes to charging clients for their Squarespace Subscription, hosting, ongoing charges etc etc. Am I best to just add the clients credit card as a payment method, or make use of the 20% discount, pay for it myself and then charge the client for this?

    Any feedback/suggestions is greatly appreciated 🙂



  5. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering how to go about changing the padding, image size, heading # etc of 'related products' when it's featured on my products page?

    My product image is displaying nice and small & square but my related products is huge and rectangle. There's also not enough padding/space above where it says "You Might Also Like", and I'd like to change the size of this heading. 


    Thanks in advance 🙂


  6. Hi everyone, 

    I'm currently setting up my website to sell my digital products. One of my products requires more information from the customer before supplying them with the digital product, so I would like them to fill out a form/questionnaire. What is the best way to achieve this? I currently use FloDesk and hoped I could somehow trigger an email (after checkout) to the customer with the form for them to fill out. Is this possible? 

    I noticed you can create a form on the checkout page, so worst case I will do that. I did want the same form to have the ability to let them "join the mailing list" but I can only see Squarespace integrating with MailChimp, not FloDesk? 

    Looking forward to your advise and guidance, thank you 🙂


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