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  1. The live site is http://www.balancedmediadiet.com so you can see where it's all jumbled.
  2. In the editor view, everything is lined up nicely, but when I publish, it looks totally different. What's going on here? Editor view vs Live Published view: It's driving me crazy because I can't figure out how to make it look better than it already does in the editor view. But the published live view is not at all right.
  3. Thanks for taking a look BeyondSpace 🙏 That jumbled text is part of the issue. But it's not the root issue. The root issue is that I had Code Blocks with click behavior over all of those square images (NPR, RT, FOX, etc.). You could click and open the "featherlight" lightbox and see more info. (Watch the video to see how those worked). Once I started editing the mobile version of the site, everything broke on the Desktop Version: 1. The "EDIT" view of the Desktop Version of the page looks the same, with the Code Blocks all in the right place, but: 2. The "PUBLISHED" version of the Desktop Version doesn't have those Code Blocks over the square images (NPR, RT, FOX, etc.) so you can't click on them anymore. To restate it: in the "EDIT" view, the blocks are in the right place, but once I publish, those Code Blocks are jumbled and all appear in a single, wrong place.
  4. I don't know what happened to my site. Using the Fluid editor... I set up the FeatherLight light box with custom code blocks in the desktop, so visitors could click on the images and learn more about the media source. Custom js and css code in the <head>, code blocks in the body. Everything was working great. You can see in the attached recording how the lightbox was working. Then I went to edit my site in the Mobile, and suddenly things went haywire. Even the Desktop version is now hosed. Lightbox doesn't work, and the icons and images are now misaligned. And joy of joys -- Squarespace doesn't have reversion. So my site is screwed! How can I fix this? What can I do? Do I need to leave Squarespace and build this site from scratch? The site is: http://www.balancedmediadiet.com Scroll down to the "Diets", which are grids of 14 squares each. Click on a media source, such as NPR or Glen Greenwald. The lightbox should pop up, but now it doesn't anymore. When I search in Chrome's browser Dev Tools for my code blocks that trigger the lightbox, (search for `.media-hover-block` and you'll find them), but the code blocks have collapsed into a single point and have no height any more. So they're not clickable at all. I can let the Mobile site go for now, I just want the Desktop version working again. BalancedMediaDiet.com -- RECORDED FEB 20 -- compressed.mov
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