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  1. OK, so its pretty easy. What you can do is create a page and add copy and images to it to describe the brochure. Maybe add a download button if you want. Then all you need to do is add a link to one / more of the copy, image and button. For the first link you add you will be given the option to create a link to a file. Use this to upload your pdf. For the other links to the same brochure you use the 'link to file' but rather than uploading you point to the file you aready uploaded. On desktop the file should open in the browser where the user can read it and/or download it. On mobile it usually downloads to local storage. See here for more information - https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205813928-Uploading-and-managing-files
  2. 300Mb is almost 10 hours of audio. In fact, with good compression you could extend that to 12-15 hours. How large is the file size of the book you want to sell?
  3. Do you want the book to be downloadable? Do you want to charge money for it? Or are you thinking of embedding the book in the page so that it can be paged through?
  4. A general fix that *might* work is adding the following to your custom css, at the end of any other code that may be there. body { a, a:hover, a:active, a span, a:hover span, a:active span { text-underline: none !important; } } If this doesn't work please post your site address and password (if in trial mode) so that the community can provide further guidance.
  5. Oh yeah - it definitely only applies to solutions where the variant thumbnail specifically shows the variance (colour, size, whatever). I agree about the second point too, but if the OP describes a known problem it's often possible to get started on a discussion without needing to see the site in question.
  6. Add the following to your custom css after any other code that may be there. .Header-nav--primary .Header-nav-inner { a.Header-nav-item[href="/"]:hover { color: pink !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/about-jessica-1"]:hover { color: blue !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/services-1"]:hover { color: green !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/praise"]:hover { color: blue !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/portfolio"]:hover { color: blue !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/blog"]:hover { color: blue !important } a.Header-nav-item[href="/contact"]:hover { color: blue !important } } You should then change the color values to those you want. NB. I've inserted named colours but you can get more shades using hex or rgb colours.
  7. You’re looking at the site in edit mode. Edit mode doesn’t always reflect what your production site looks like Before adding any custom css view the site when not logged in to the editor to confirm that the problem is visible to your site visitors. If you still have a display problem try css tweaks such as the one suggested above.
  8. If you’re referring to implementing open/close FAQs via a markdown block, JavaScript and css then there are a few things to consider. If the problem is that the open/close works on your first visit to a page and on hard refresh but not when you navigate from other pages on your site the quick fix is to disable Ajax loading in Site Styles. If (as it sounds) the functionality isn’t working at all, there could be a number of reasons. Mistyped markdown copy - check that all ‘headline’ elements are consistent ( ## if h2 is in JavaScript, ### if using h3) JavaScript and CSS code should ideally be in sitewide injection points and Custom CSS area. If using in a page, and your open/close is in an Index page, the JavaScript/css code needs to go in the Index ‘wrapper’ rather than the subpage where the markdown lives. If none of the above helps please post your code here (markdown, JavaScript and css) and also provide a link to your site. NB. I wrote the open/close code back in the mists of time. I can provide (paid) troubleshooting if you want but the above tips, plus a look at your code and site, if you link it on here, will probably get the problem resolved for free.
  9. It’s something I’ve been asked by several clients. Before variants had thumbnail images there was no relationship at all between the variant dropdown and the displayed product image. Now that variants have thumbnails you can select a variant from the dropdown and the product image swaps to show that variant. The reverse isn’t true - browsing through thumbnails doesn’t select the variant in the dropdown.
  10. Also - your name doesn't appear to be that unique. There are lots of Clayton Carrolls on LinkedIn, for instance. See - https://www.linkedin.com/search/results/people/?firstName=Clayton&lastName=Carroll&origin=SEO_PSERP Also dozens on Facebook..
  11. A few questions / points: Are you using the Squarespace provided subdomain rather than your own domain name? This could have a negative SEO impact Your name only appears in the site name. That's not a lot for Google to go on when it's working out an authority score. It seems like you're shying away from providing a lot of content, However, at present you have hardly any content and that's not a good thing. Links from old sites have a tendency to stick around, especially if they are from large authority sites. To Google most recent is less important than most relevant. You should consider creating links from your social site profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) to your new site. Have you told Google that your site exists? Google can behave strangely for new sites. They may initially be indexed and then suddenly disappear, only to return weeks later once Google has decided on a ranking. Even then, there is no guarantee you will reach the top. Consider setting up and maintaining a Google My Business profile
  12. Add the following to your custom css area after any other code that may be there .homepage h1#site-title a { pointer-events: none; } As an afternote, I think your SEO team may be misinformed.
  13. It can be done but it requires custom JavaScript coding. It's a complex enough solution to be beyond what I typically offer for free on the forums. Not ridiculously complex, but I think we'd end up toing and froing and it would eat up too much of my time. It's possible that someone else will provide a free solution. If not, drop me a line and we can work out whether you'd like to engage me to build the necessary code.
  14. Try adding this to the custom css area, after any other code that may be there. Also remove your code. @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { body { h1,h2,h3,p,li,a,em,i,strong { -webkit-hyphens: none !important; hyphens: none !important; } .page-desc p { -webkit-hyphens: none !important; hyphens: none !important; } } }
  15. customerhd.com/podcast isn't a subdomain - it's an address on your main domain. A subdomain would be something like podcast.customerhd.com
  16. I used this approach on a recent project. We only needed to read the data - there was no writing back. Also, the data updates infrequently so the client set up a job on one of their servers to generate the data table on an hourly basis. The process from my side was: On first page load access the JSONP and parse it, merging with some config info on the Squarespace site, to create a lookup table that was saved to the user's browser as Session Storage On each subsequent page load check check if the Session Storage doesn't exist *and* whether a new version of the feed will have been created. If so, parse the JSONP again and create Session Storage NB. The Session Storage variable contained full html coding for the data table so that it can be pulled into the page and pasted as formatted html and/or filtered before insertion. If Session Storage exists read the content into variable and insert into page as formatted html Build a filtering interface that allows the end user to narrow down to the desired content. The decision to store in Session Storage was made because we know the data only updates once an hour, so we need to grab it at the start of the session and also when a new feed becomes available. This vastly reduces the workload and improves response times after initial load and parse of the data.
  17. Try this. Insert it in the Custom CSS area (after any other code if you have any) and change the height and width to get the spacing you want. .collection-type-gallery #thumbnails .thumb { background-color: #fff; } .collection-type-gallery #thumbnails .thumb img { width: 90%; height: 90%; }
  18. Actually, I just found your site and it looks like you only have size as a variant. If that's the case it's an easier solution, but still outside the scope of this forum. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about it.
  19. You can create each style as a product with multiple variants (colour, size). Each colour+size combo would have its own stock qty. If your problem is that all variant pairs show, whether or not they have stock, then a custom script would be needed to remove out of stock combinations from the variant dropdowns. It's something I've done before on a site that sells online courses, to hide those courses that have already started (date variant) or where all the places are booked (qty available for future courses). For a shoe site it would be nice to create something customised where you hide the size variant selector from view and instead present the user with a grid showing in stock sizes when the colour is selected. Selecting a size in the grid would set the hidden selector to the correct value. Due to its complexity it's not a solution that could be provided within the scope of this forum, but it can certainly be built if you're willing to pay for it.
  20. Custom fields are possible on product pages and (through programming) on basket pages but you have no control over the checkout logic so it would not be possible to selectively hide/show the field in the checkout.
  21. That looks like you've pasted the css in the wrong place. It should be in the Custom CSS section: Log in to admin then go to Design > Custom CSS
  22. You need to embed your video urls in a video block. This will allow the videos to play in-place. https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206544187-Video-Blocks
  23. The console is showing a lot of errors. Without seeing the code it's not possible to give a definite fix but problems often cascade and fixing the first may resolve the rest. The thing I think you should first troubleshoot is the Uncaught Syntax error: Unexpected token. It could be that you have not properly copied the original code into your site and something has been truncated. You should also check that you have a line of code to call in jQuery *before* your custom script. Fixing those 2 items may well resolve everything, though that's me being optimistic rather than confident.
  24. Also, check that your logo isn't laid onto a transparent background with lots of invisible padding - you should crop out the dead space.
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