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  1. The problem was that my code was trying to change site title rather than site logo link

    It should now be working

    The code is

    window.Squarespace.onInitialize(Y, function(){
    	var homelink = document.querySelector('.logo-image a');
    	if (homelink) {
    	  homelink.setAttribute('href', '/projects')

    Note that you should not include the full url in your links. Instead use the part from the first '/' character. So /projects



  2. I don't believe you can go through the custom process when switching templates withing the same site. 

    There are a few options. 

    First create your new site as a completely fresh project, using the Custom workflow. 

    When you're happy with your new site either

    • Create s subscription for the new site
    • Disconnect the domain from your old site
    • Connect the domain to your new site
    • Cancel the subscription for your old site


    • Temporarily password your current site while you perform updates
    • Delete / disable the pages of the current site
    • Change the template on your current site to the same as the trial
    • Use @michaeleparkour's Chrome extension to transfer the pages from your trial site to your current site
    • Copy across any custom code, Style editor settings, and rebuild the header and footer on the current site
    • Test
    • Remove  the password so that users can see the new site

  3. I don't know. It isn't something I have attempted in the past. 

    I had a look at the on-page settings for a client's store and I can't see any obvious setting to say whether the express or normal checkout should be used. 

    There could be a fudge/workaround where the user adds the item in question to the cart and we automatically direct them to the basket page where a script checks for the special item and, if it is there, sends the user to checkout. This would be possible but might look a little odd. 

    A problematic edge case is this - What happens if the user has other items in their cart when they try to add the unique product?

  4. The following css should be added to the Advanced tab of your cover page settings. 

    .sqs-slice-buttons {
      animation: fade-me-in 3s;
    @keyframes fade-me-in {
      0% {opacity:0;}
      80% {opacity:0;}
      100% {opacity:1;}


    There are 2 sections to the code. 

    In the first section you set the total length of the fade in, from invisible to fully visible. It is set to 3 seconds above but you can change it. 

    In the second section you can define how long the buttons stay invisible before they start to fade in. In the example it is set so that the buttons remain invisible for 80% of the3s animation duration (2.4s invisible) and then fades in over the remaining 0.6s.




  5. There’s a chance that some of the topics that can’t be found on this site were actually imported but the on-site search is very poor so they are unfindable.

    Once Google has a good chew on this new forum they should start appearing in search. However, all of the link history which would give weight to frequently accessed Answers is now lost, so there is no guarantee that the new posts on here will have the same prominence.

    However, it’s true that Squarespace decided not to migrate everything from Answers to this forum. Although I can understand the reasoning for not importing Answers that are no longer relevant I do wonder whether any human eyes were passed over the posts when deciding if they should live or die. 

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