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  1. Thanks, @tuanphan here is a link to blog in question I already turned the white body font to a light grey for some contrast in comment box, but ideally would like to target comment box font color only. Update: looks like I found the workaround: /* comment box font color */ .squarespace-comments .new-comment-area { color: #000000 !important; } /* comment preview font color */ .squarespace-comments .comment-btn-wrapper .btn-text { color: #000000 !important; }
  2. Thanks for the lead, @tuanphan, unfortunately I cannot seem to get it to stick with Rally template. Same issue as @Aptlafayette, white body font turns text in white comment box invisible and would hate to change the global body font color
  3. Thanks for the lead, @ArminB. I managed to target the font in Archive block with List view, but no luck getting all categories into a single line (to mimic a product page category navigation) Option 'Break Into Multiple Columns' will split six categories into three columns, but would love to see all lined up horizontally.
  4. Thanks for the lead, @bradgood - unfortunately I do not seem to get in working in Product Summery Blocks in Pacific template I am using a different Category Filter with each Product Summary grid - would that make a difference for the code?
  5. @heathery @charliepv reviving an old thread (for a discontinued template still beloved by a longtime client) and wondering if you ever found a workaround for the white space in page banners without images in the Marquee template? Basically hoping to display page title + description on all pages, but with some control over title spacing when there is no banner image.
  6. Thank you, @paul2009, this worked like a charm ~ and good luck to @DK3 @janandsusan1 for finding a workaround!
  7. Thanks, @colin.irwin this works like a charm! Is there a way to up the size of the arrows or make them more visible in weight?
  8. Hey @janandsusan1@paul2009. still hoping for a custom out of stock workaround here, as well.
  9. Thank you for looking into this, @paul2009 Here is a link to a product from a category the client would like to mark "out of season" instead: https://www.ricciolinitartufi.com/shop/8-oz-black-summer-truffle-tuber-aestivum-vitt
  10. Hoping for a solution to change the product status of an individual product - e.g. in this case from a sitewide “out of stock” label to a custom “out of season” for certain individual products. This would only apply to a certain category of products or could be targeted individually by product id.
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