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  1. Thank you, @melody495 ... I do indeed see Add Elements now! But what I still miss are the global header settings as initially reported by @Art_Canada + @Jarmo2127
  2. @tuanphan it's so strange, all the Edit Site Header elements have disappeared for me - e.g. when I edit Site Title & Logo, I no longer see the Add Elements option (Button, Social Links, Cart etc) you shared above. The opt up window only shows Content, allowing me to change the logo file (or view Pages when in Edit Navigation) Will ping Squarespace Circle support team with an email ...
  3. Same issue here! @tuanphan, once going into EDIT SITE HEADER, I am able to see EDIT DESIGN, but the usual sections (Site title & logo / Elements / Style) are missing. Maybe a temporary bug?
  4. Thank you @cami_leisk, this is helpful, but what if we want to offer shipping to these state specified Shipping Zones only - and NOT allow orders to ship to any non-specified Shipping Zone. For now the system allows for these out-of-state orders = quoting $0 as shipping fee.
  5. Hello Squarespace Forum, hoping for guidance on a client e-commerce project, offering products available for delivery to specified Shipping Zones only - e.g. tiered flat shipping rates in California only. With the current settings for Shipping Options, it looks like orders can also be placed from out-of-state, and unfortunately these are even quoted a shipping rate of $0. Can this be avoided? We would rather restrict orders to the defined Shipping Options/ZIP code ranges only - is this a possibility?
  6. A quick workaround tip after chatting with the Squarespace Customer Care team: I created a separate flat rate option, set the cost of that shipping option to $0 + titled "Local Pick Up", so visitors can now choose between free pick up or quoted shipping rate.
  7. Thank you for the clarification regarding the fulfillment limitation of subscription products, @paul2009. I am wondering if there may be a workaround for a current client project, offering a monthly wine club subscription - with the fulfillment choice of either local pick up or shipping. This is a first time implementation of subscription products, so still a steep learning curve here.
  8. A quick update: just found a solution thanks to @paul2009 who pointed out a (persistent) copy/paste bug in this thread
  9. Reviving this thread in hopes that @tuanphan may have a solution in Squarespace 7.1 The announcement bar is generally way to high, especially in mobile view - unfortunately code above does not work to target font or space.
  10. @sarahc @dovely @Harding @DanicaM @BBradleyG @Inherited_Stories Happy to report a solution for the frustrating 6 second video quality buffer in Background Videos - thanks to Squarewebsites' genius Video Backgrounds Utils plugin (website) Bonus tips from Squarewebsites: Footer Injections will not load for Cover Pages, use Header Injection instead.
  11. Chiming in over a year later ... still experiencing the same issue with blurry/fuzzy video footage upon loading. No resolution or Vimeo upgrades seem to do the trick - anyone found a workaround?
  12. This worked like a charm! Thank you, @tuanphan, your expertise and shared input to this forum arehighly appreciated!
  13. Hello @tuanphan + Circle Forum, I am hoping to hide the navigation menu (navigation style: icon) on the landing page only - example link in Carson (Tremont) Above code options do not seem to do the trick ...
  14. Thank you, @tuanphan, this worked like a charm! PS: I do not see a huge space on right of screen on my end
  15. @tuanphan correct, hoping to add left/right padding to the Gallery page. For some reason the Left/Right Content Padding + Content Max Widthadjustments in Site Settings do not apply to Gallery pages.
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