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  1. Site URL: http://arcproject.squarespace.com Hey, Im using a gallery block on 7.1 with the Admin UI tweaks plugin from Square websites on one page on my website. I'm also using a gallery section on my homepage. Is it possible to change the next & previous controls on the gallery block to match the bullets used in a section on the homepage? I've attached photos for reference. The password is "arc".
  2. Site URL: http://arcprojects.squarespace.com Hey, I've added a gallery section with some custom CSS but it's leaving a large blank area before the footer. I need to reduce that to 150px. Site password is "arc" Thanks
  3. Site URL: http://arcprojects.squarespace.com/about Hello, Password is "arc" I've added css and hover states for images. The initial filter works but the :hover: unset; isn't. Here is my code [data-section-id="611eecf680daaa03e8f89f8a"] img{ filter: grayscale(100%) } [data-section-id="611eecf680daaa03e8f89f8a"] img:hover{ filter: unset !important; } Thanks
  4. Site URL: http://arcprojects.squarespace.com/knights-drain Hey, I would like to change the order of the blocks in mobile. The site password is "arc" I would like the order to be "Projects" "Knights Drain..." "Image" "Client...." Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Site URL: http://arcprojects.squarespace.com Hey, I need my header nav to always sit on the third of my website in all responsive sides. There's only two elements in my header though so unsure how to make it work. Would flex work? Here is a screenshot of how it should look
  6. Site URL: http://oddfellows.squarespace.com/home-test Can you please help me on how to float the images in this section on this page? http://oddfellows.squarespace.com/home-test Password is "asas" I need this section to look like the attached image My current code is /* Align right image */ div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1625104080252_8336 { margin-left: auto; } /* align images bottom */ @media screen and (min-width:768px) { div#page-section-60dcfd0664b9557fcb94ca82 .span-12>.row { display: flex; align-items: flex-end; } }
  7. Site URL: http://oddfellows.squarespace.com/home-test Hi Circle Members, I'm working on a site at the moment and have used tables in code injection to build the menu section but all the prices need to align on the right hand side like in the attached image. Could anyone please take a look and let me know how I can do that? The url is http://oddfellows.squarespace.com/home-test And the password is "asas"
  8. Hey Fab, This looked great, is it possible to make it work on a scroll? So it vertically clips when the page is scrolled down and reversed when scroll up!
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