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  1. This is awesome. Thank you @tuanphan Excellent being able to now filter events by tag. Weird how Squarespace didn't already have this capability.
  2. Hi @tuanphan ! This is awesome! It looks like it works for that one particular tag. Will I need to set per each tag? Such as: <script> $(function() { var loc = window.location.href; // returns the full URL if(/tag=tag-name-here/.test(loc)) { $('body').addClass('t-tag'); } $(function() { var loc = window.location.href; // returns the full URL if(/tag=other-unique-tag-name-here/.test(loc)) { $('body').addClass('t-tag'); } $(function() { var loc = window.location.href; // returns the full URL if(/tag=and-another-unique-tag-name-here/.test(loc)) { $('body').addClass('t-tag'); } }); </script> ?
  3. Yes, it does show Past Events still, but it is not filtering Past Events by the specified tag. It only shows the full list of Past Events. Is there a way to get the Past Events to also be filtered by tag as well?
  4. Oh! It works only for upcoming events, NOT past events, right? Is there any way to get it to also filter for past events? Thank you kindly @tuanphan 🙂
  5. Hi @tuanphan there was a block that was removed. Could you please try checking again? https://www.fplegal.com/events/detail
  6. The tags to filter Events by tag is not working for me. The tags are essential for other areas of the website, so I can't reallocate them into Categories. Not to mention the amount of content I'd need to go through. If @tuanphan or anyone can help in at least the slightest I will be so appreciative, and will try to contribute across the forum as I am able! url: https://www.fplegal.com/events/detail
  7. I'm not seeing a link with the 'tel:' prompt. Try setting a phone number with that link first. Highlight your text > select the link icon > put "tel:##########" > Click Apply > Save and Refresh and see what happens. Mind you, putting: a[href^="tel:"] { color : #E84929; } into CSS...has not always worked for me when viewing on an iPhone. iPhones think they are special like that. If that's also the case for you, you could also try wrapping the command so it's exclusively for mobile: @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { a[href^="tel:"] { color : #E84929; } }
  8. Grateful for any help towards the following... I'm attempting to get my entire header bar to have a max-width and the dark grey margins on both sides. I was able to only somehow get the right side (see attached screenshot: indicated by the red star), but as for making the full announcement bar (screenshot: circled, left side) have the same dark grey margins, I'm currently at a loss. I do have a secondary header on here as well. Any ideas? fplegal.squarespace.com No website password
  9. Did anybody else have success with implementing the above link? Referring to this method, I'm having trouble with what seems like attributing the summary block within the same div as the "no-events" code block on fluid engine. Is there a way to either, 1) list every ID of every summary block in an array (I have several)? In that case how would the script be rewritten? 2) write out the summary blocks' code in markdown blocks where I can then include the enclosing div? If this is the route, how can I make a summary block show with my filter in a markdown or code block? Are there any other ways? My specific case is located on, https://fplegal.squarespace.com/practice-areas/business-counseling, No password block IDs (in red on attachment): #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1694029693155_11466 #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1669737257085_127641 Huge thanks to anybody with any help on this. Thank you thank you!
  10. This used to work for me but now it does not. How should I edit it to work again? I've got: // HIDE HEADER NAV LINKS ON MOBILE // .header-menu-nav-list [data-folder="root"] .header-menu-nav-folder-content > div:nth-child(3) { display: none !important; } .header-menu-nav-list [data-folder="root"] .header-menu-nav-folder-content > div:nth-child(5) { display: none !important; } Is it that they aren't folders that I want to hide? Many thanks ahead of time on this! _ https://fplegal.squarespace.com no password
  11. Click image >goes to> another page. Maybe one day we'll Lightbox it Thanks!
  12. @tuanphan Has anybody discovered any universal solution for this instead of targeting block/section IDs? Perhaps is there a way to find all tel: links and tell them to be a certain color? I'd like to make sure this doesn't occur as new pages are added and not worry about adding to a CSS override per every new section / new telephone link. Also helps if another website editor can easily pick up where I left off
  13. ...And now 5 minutes later, I have the circle, but it seems to be a little bit offset, and also not exactly flush around the image (there's the smallest bit of space between the border and the image). /* OUTLINE TEAM GALLERIES */ .user-items-list-simple .list-item-media-inner img{ border: 4px solid red !important; border-radius: 50%; } furthermore, is it possible to make each of the images have a link?
  14. @tuanphan My desired need is similar in that it is for ALL the "Our People" or "Meet the Team" sections across my website, https://americanhealthcare.squarespace.com (password: ahctdc).... I am starting here on this page https://americanhealthcare.squarespace.com/wise with one of the bottom sections with the "Our People" section in place, and I'd like to add a stroke or border around the circle images (see attached screenshot). I almost got it with what I have so far but I am having trouble getting the stroke to work for the CIRCLE: /* OUTLINE TEAM GALLERIES */ .user-items-list-simple .list-item-media-inner[data-aspect-ratio="circle"] img{ border: 4px solid red !important; } THANKS ahead of time for any help on this!
  15. Probably the former. The section is set up to operate 3/4 width, which in turn left the subsequent blog "posts" 3/4 by default, which was also offset and not centered as well until I applied css to center them. Are the images needing to resize with the custom code, and sometime can't keep up?
  16. Creedon, Huge thanks for your attention to this. It seems to be fine during private browsing..during which I've tried clicking all around and cannot make the glitch happen like previously. Somewhat reassuring, but what does this mean?
  17. Thanks tuanphan! This did not make the entire block clickable, but it did make the entire block cursor pointer look like it was a link, but would not actually take you to the text link
  18. Here is a video that shows the featured images randomly zoom in after a second or two. Sometimes it is only one row of posts, sometimes it is multiple rows. Sometimes it doesn't happen! Probably half of the time now. Any ideas anyone? Thanks for any thoughts towards resolving this SqS Blog Featured Image glitch.mov
  19. I am having the same problem. It is happening off and on with the featured images not loading properly. https://officeproducts.squarespace.com/ pw: officeproductstdc
  20. The actual page I want to do it on is all the text blocks for the profiles on https://timberlake-smith.squarespace.com/professionals
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