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  1. Hi everyone - great idea for a topic!

    I started my product photography business in 2012 and built up to running my own studio in London since 2015. I specialise in product and lifestyle photography for the design and craft industry. I work with my partner Natasha and a regular stylist to create concepts, source props and plan to lighting/style of each shoot. We cover everything from ceramics, glass and textiles to furniture, beauty/wellness and fashion accessories. 

    In the first year of my work I found many clients wanted websites, I asked a friend in the US and he recommended Squarespace - never looked back!

    It's been so beneficial being able to handle stills, video, animation and create the sites, we can pretty offer full service agency type work for a fraction of the cost. I often shoot and create the site for the same client, a great example is the ceramicist Sue Pryke: https://www.suepryke.com/ who was my first client, we have updated the site design/template several times.

    I also work as a trainer and educator, both for photography and Squarespace. Recently this has been through Zoom and other web platforms which is fine for us, although I do miss going to shows and events here.

    My photography work is all on www.yeshen.uk

    FYI: On Monday June 22, I will be hosting a Circle AMA on Getting the most out of your images on Squarespace in the Circle Forum. Look out for the post, I think it's going live tomorrow (Mon 15) so you can ask me your questions for a week and then I will post answers on Mon 22 - should be fun! 




  2. On 5/15/2020 at 12:24 PM, paul2009 said:

    @rodvaldr It's difficult to say what's going on! I'm logging a ticket with Sqs. Others may want to do the same. 

    Did you hear anything back? I'm running an AMA on using images with Squarespace this month and it would be great to address this issue. I use JPG mini and had assumed Squarespace must have some enterprise version of a similar application on their servers. 

  3. I've used Zoho mail for many of my Squarespace sites, but it's not ideal. If you register the domain with Squarespace, I wish they would add a simple email forwarder 'Catchall' to another email address. So simple, would be a massive time saver.

    I find Zoho can have delays and be inconsistent in forwarding messages. Google Apps is way too complicated and costs.

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