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  1. Thanks, @tuanphan -- I just made it straight to present to the client, but here's a screenshot of how it looks with the curved border we wanted. The image doesn't extend to the border, and the color in the last section (which is set by CSS) doesn't extend up to the border. Client needs to launch site early next week, so for now we're leaving the borders straight -- but is there a way to fix this? (Some of the pages have a single background image running across multiple sections, and that's what doesn't play well with the new border options.)
  2. I have a full-page background image, except the last section on the page needs to be opaque. I'm trying to add a curved border to separate the two but it looks janky. Site: https://tortoise-paddlefish-lj6z.squarespace.com/services PW: feather I have this in the header code injection: <style> .section-background, .page-section, .section-border { background: rgba(12, 81, 66, 0.5) !important; } body { background-image: url(https://static1.squarespace.com/static/63f8cf4d9f5c2418c319eaa5/t/640902e5db3b2536863f098c/1678312166703/ambilimon-annamala-poosari-eCaTObQxJ1w-unsplash.jpg); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; background-color: transparent !important;} </style> And in the Custom CSS I have this to fix the last section: //last section opaque section[data-section-id="64025f78fa164317f8f68f50"] .section-background { background: @ltbeige !important; } But the border at the bottom of the last section before the opaque section is messed up. Is there a way to fix it?
  3. Thanks for this, Tuanphan, I was trying to figure it out also. But what if I want a curved divider at the bottom still? See this page for example: https://tortoise-paddlefish-lj6z.squarespace.com/about-amy pw: feather
  4. I have a client who wants to add a SiteSearch360 bar just below the secondary navigation on their 7.0 site, so that it automatically populates to all pages. The website is NCBCenter.org. Adding it to the code injection for the site adds the script above the entire header -- but they want it just below the nav. Is there a way to add the script to appear below the 7.0 nav automatically? Or would we have to add a code block to every page header? (There are a LOT of pages; we rebuilt the site from a legacy Concrete5 site and they had a lot of content. Also please don't judge the messy navigation -- a bunch of people made changes after I reassigned the site to their control, and they decided everything was Terribly Important and needed a prominent navigation button. Not my job to fix it at the moment.) <section role="search" data-ss360="true"> <input id="searchBox" type="search" placeholder="Search…" /> <button id="searchButton"/> </section> <!-- Start of Site Search 360 script (put right before the closing </body> tag) --> <script type="text/javascript"> window.ss360Config = { style: { suggestions: { text: { color: "#333333" }, background: { color: "#ffffff" }, padding: "5px", distanceFromTop: "0px", border: { color: "#dddddd", radius: "0px" } }, searchBox: { text: { color: "#333333", size: "14px" }, background: { color: "#ffffff" }, border: { color: "#dddddd", radius: "0px" }, padding: "8px", icon: { image: "magnifier", color: "#666666" } } }, tracking: { providers: [] }, siteId: "www.ncbcenter.org", showErrors: false }; var e=document.createElement("script"); e.async=!0; e.src="https://cdn.sitesearch360.com/v13/sitesearch360-v13.min.js"; document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0].appendChild(e); </script> <!-- End of Site Search 360 script -->
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