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  1. Hi Could someone please publish here the road map for Squarespace Courses to see what is coming. The road map is only available if you are in the Circle (which I'm not). I changed from Thinkific believing that Squarespace would do updates to their newly launched course platform, but nothing has happened. If nothing is planned, then I would have to leave Squarespace and go back. Thanks
  2. Hi I want to avoid my blog list to have links to individual post pages. I would like to dissable the link in th post title, , image... ar any other place that it might take you to the individual post. The content is so short that I really dont need it, it is easier to maintain. Thanks
  3. I have the same problem and received the same answer from Squarespace support. They should change this, is preventing us from giving out small courses for free to achieve a subscription into larger items. If you add a 1 time price full price, you can apply the 100% without Card being asked. Be aware that is the price they have to chose, if they go for the monthly payments they will be asked for CC.
  4. This is my WISHLIST four courses in Squarespace! Anything to add? If you know how to do any of these, please share your solution. Differentiate visibility of published elements in courses page for enrolled students and non enrolled. Understanding enrolled as someone who is taking the course, not just signed into the site. Button in the last lesson in courses shouldn’t say complete & Continue, just complete. Add Quizzes & Test Create order bumps in the payment pop-up... Add this other course. Add more that 10 digital products to a price plan. Enable dripping for lesson and courses after a certain time since buying a course (one week… one month, two months….), not only on a fixed calendar date. Good for when students pay in monthly payments. Possibility to include price plans inside other price plans. To create bundles. Possibility to learn students advance in courses. Enhance the email platform for diverse scenarios.. such as abandoned cart… student not finishing a course… congratulations email for finishing a course… Create a “must do first this other course” option for course. Self creating Certificates
  5. Hola When I create a coupon of 100% discount to invite some Beta testers and I have selected 3 payments as default in a course, the platform doesn't let you continue in the process until you include you Card number. Even if you have nothing to pay due to the 100% discount. This looks like a bug, since it shouldn't ask for a credit card number. Any idea how to solve this? I temporarily solved by selecting the 1 payment option, but want to have the monthly instalment visible at the beginning. Thanks
  6. Thanks @jordan-cgu ! Appreciate all of your advices and will take them in account. Did you review the site in a desktop or mobile? Thanks Gonzalo
  7. Hi @tuanphan, yes that logo. I've been told to do so in java but not sure how.
  8. Hi Just released my online Design academy. it would be great to receive from feedback from the experts here! https://www.symbioticdesignacademy.com Thanks Gonzalo
  9. Hola Has anyone achieved to have a random image as a logo? My logo has multiple versions and would love to have a random one on every page open. I have done it in the past in Wordpress. Any idea how? http://www.symbioticdesignacademy.com
  10. Hi How can you add a .srt file for subtitles in courses? Thanks
  11. Why don't we have a Course Tag here in the Forum? 😀
  12. Hi Why is there a limit of 10 courses we can add to a payment plan? Is there a way to override this? Thanks
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