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  1. Hi there,

    infact, only Montauk (and it's cloned children Julia and Om) combines centered navigation with the use of an index grid. You'd have to fiddle how to hide the overview grid below the selected item of the index and it might be quite a challenge to display the tags and categories.

    You may like our famous homemade template picker - watch out for 'index'-features.
    Best regards - sss*

  2. @bluespainter: your question is more than legit but unfortunately @BradKlopmans happy exclamation marks lead into a false direction.
    You may sense some kind change after inserting the code but it's just YOUR browser.
    After you save refresh and view there's the same speedy gallery like before.

    ( Don't be fooled by the CoverPage of one of the participants of the Urban Outfitters® and Squarespace® Dreamers and Doers Start-Up Contest - they pimped it in a way that makes me sad. That CoverPage runs with 3.5 seconds delay, but if I create one on that same template (sorry folks, it's a trial) it speeds up to 2.0 seconds delay. Will anybody explain us how they did that ? No. They say you can't.

    Squarespace prays water and drinks wine.

    As Squarespace-uber-guru Eric 'Esquareda' @eanderson says here, there is no way to do this.

    It's the Apple - sorry - Squarespace way of telling us where to go, how to behave, what to eat.
    And it's the only way to get style into the masses and design into the websites of the rest of us.
    I really wished SO MUCH I could at least give COVER PAGES tiny html-tweaks - just a little rich text, slide show timing, maybe just ONE custom block to place within the layout.

    But that's their quit and maybe it's the right and only way to survive in the long run.

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