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  1. Hi there, infact, only Montauk (and it's cloned children Julia and Om) combines centered navigation with the use of an index grid. You'd have to fiddle how to hide the overview grid below the selected item of the index and it might be quite a challenge to display the tags and categories. You may like our famous homemade template picker - watch out for 'index'-features. Best regards - sss*
  2. Alright, the code DOES make adifference. Nice hack. %)=) Thx.
  3. Thanks again, you're right, it seems to happen something, but the results are fuzzy on my end so I'll test it in several environents. Merci !
  4. I added it into the advanced code injection section of the cover page and there is no effect. %(
  5. Yes, with pleasure - of course I don't want to place my password here. May I send it to info [at] bachnerco.com ? You have a very nice Mario costume in your profile, but no email address… %)Because the slideshow pics need more time to grasp I want to set an interval of let's say 8 seconds on https://lokalplanet.squarespace.com
  6. OK, sounds good. %) In fact, the original timing ( I removed vour code from my above example now ) sems to be 2.5 seconds. Since I tried all kinds of values, what would I have to place into the code to get a SLOWER timing, let's say 5 seconds? This would be much better for my CoverPage because the pictures are not easy to 'read'. Thank you for your answer. *SSS
  7. The Cover Page I created myself in the example above carries your unchanged code in the correct sections but it's still as fast as before. %/ Haha, and when I watch your bachnerco CoverPage (thanks!) it plays with regular speed onethousandone-onethousandtwochange onethousandone-onethousandtwochange… on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  8. @bluespainter: your question is more than legit but unfortunately @BradKlopmans happy exclamation marks lead into a false direction. You may sense some kind change after inserting the code but it's just YOUR browser. After you save refresh and view there's the same speedy gallery like before. ( Don't be fooled by the CoverPage of one of the participants of the Urban Outfitters® and Squarespace® Dreamers and Doers Start-Up Contest - they pimped it in a way that makes me sad. That CoverPage runs with 3.5 seconds delay, but if I create one on that same template (sorry folks, it's a trial)
  9. @Nicholas Goodden - it works perfectly with the free version - the paid plans are just about stats, tools for email hunters and eye candy. Google for JBs name if you wonder what he's working at and for.
  10. Localizejs.com works, but don't expect miracles.Your site will still be messed up with not translatable hard coded elements like 'Your form has encountered a problem. Please scroll down to review' and similar.
  11. @nystartup: you have to place three menu blocks next to each other and fill the content following the descriptions above. *sss
  12. @nystartup: you have to place three menu blocks next to each other and fill the content following the descriptions above. *sss
  13. Hi Jonathan, I just clicked the +1 for Lj1 - good job man ! :D
  14. Wow. Long thread. Maybe it's easier to answer THIS question by answering MY question: How-to-tweak-this-code-4-hideshow-a-text-toggle
  15. Hi Jason, just want to thank you… let the good times roll !
  16. Thanks for the insight - I'm willing to do without the random thing if only my galleries learned to sort!
  17. Hello, how can tagged pictures in a gallery be sorted the way Squarespace does it on their own template comparison page: Everytime you click a category, the templates rearrange. How's this done ?
  18. @ ABraunsberger: this depends on how the strings and events are named, it may differ from template to template.
  19. Thank you, looks great and works like a charm with internal pages. How will I link an external page like www.zombo.com within the given frame? THIS ATTEMPT DOESN’T WORK: <body onclick="window.location.href='http://www.zombo.com';" style="cursor:pointer; width:100%; height:100%;"></body>
  20. Cover Pages are nice to have, but they are very limited in their functionality. You can’t add any blocks and you must follow a narrow route of rules and buttons. I want to use the entire picture of a CoverPage as a clicktrough link, how?
  21. Once I was successful with this one inside the Footer Custom Code Area: Y.all('.inline-read-more').setHTML('Les mer');
  22. Glad if I can help. Might be this one: .entry-more-link a::before { content: "Les mer"; }
  23. If it is for the read-more-link of a summary try this inside custom CSS Editor: .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-read-more-link:after { content: 'Les mer'; }
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