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  1. Localizejs.com works, but don't expect miracles.Your site will still be messed up with not translatable hard coded elements like 'Your form has encountered a problem. Please scroll down to review' and similar.
  2. Wow. Long thread. Maybe it's easier to answer THIS question by answering MY question: How-to-tweak-this-code-4-hideshow-a-text-toggle
  3. Thanks for the insight - I'm willing to do without the random thing if only my galleries learned to sort!
  4. Hello, how can tagged pictures in a gallery be sorted the way Squarespace does it on their own template comparison page: Everytime you click a category, the templates rearrange. How's this done ?
  5. @ ABraunsberger: this depends on how the strings and events are named, it may differ from template to template.
  6. Hello Deb,have you seen this suggestion by the Squarespace staff ? http://multilingual-help.squarespace.com/how-to-create Here's what the french section looks like. http://multilingual-help.squarespace.com/a-propos This workaround works only on Dovetail, Devlin, or Adirondack templates because of their unique way to deal with folders. THANK YOU FOR BEING SQUARESPACE sss*
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