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  1. Almost too easy to believe @CreativeNature. You're at first asked for the domain name and the tool gives you two lines of code for the Header and one for the Footer Code Injection area. After have it running, you may change the auto detect brand color to whatever and tweak the 'We're sorry but we had to' text as desired. Extra tipp: inside the settings for the banner, the disclaimer links should be set manually. 💥
  2. Using metomic.io for my own and numerous client websites seems to turn out well. It's free, mulitilanguage, visually fits to Squarespace, custom brand color and more. The only thing I don't like is that both yes & no buttons are of the same kind, but metomic says they don't want to make a tool that converts (anyway) but a tool that is legit. It comes as a popup, not as a banner bar:
  3. Hi Naomi, the plot is that there are no different 'Templates' – 7.1 comes with 'starting points'. So the right understanding would be that 7.1 is one single template that is offered by showing different ways of styling it. These different ways are called 'templates' just for the good ol' times sake when there were templates. If you'd like to have your starting point Brower to look like Paloma you could ask a Circle member to clone & copy the style packs from one starting point to the other, which is basically possible. Or you use the mighty tools of squarewebsites.com by @michaelep
  4. So, who might be in charge for the implementation of this to all Squarespace websites? We need it so badly, all Squarespace sites are illegal with the old cookie consent right now, the only legal solution in the EU as of today is to switch off all cookies, which is such a bad idea when it comes to all things marketing & analytics. Dear @yoshe are you involved in this?
  5. I'd stretch the pop up times of the social proofs and give a heavy delay to the newsletter popup. It's like – "Oh hey I'm Andy, let's have a coffee in my room!"
  6. More info, please – is it a blog page or a summary block on a regular page within an index? Best would be a link to the relevant page. Thx!
  7. Hi Steven, use this in CSS and style the color and width as you desire. Would be nice if you'd click on the heart on the right hand side to tell me it worked.: .sqs-block-html blockquote, .sqs-block-markdown blockquote { border-left: 5px solid #DCEAED; }
  8. Totally awesome, @brandon – voted up, liked and rewarded with my best GIF:
  9. Hello, using the DONCAB Family and ( Templates: York, Artesia, Flores, Harris, JASPER, Jones, Lange, Shibori, Taylor), I need to change the word 'All', sitting on first position of the Index Navigation to something else. Link to the demo: https://jasper-demo.squarespace.com/chotto-jasper – Index Nav to be found at the very bottom. Thanks for taking a peek!
  10. Hi, you'll use a script, a style sheet and a Markdown block in which you may edit the content to display in any way your html skills take you. The pattern will go alike in the screenshot attached, for further info you'll need to get in contact with the dev teams' support (which isn't known to be overinforming btw.)
  11. Hi Bigthan, there's a plugin for sale at $20 that does the trick using text in a Markdown block: https://squarestud.io/products/info-pop-ups
  12. I found out that the script does not work with Om/Montauk // Brine/Wright and York/Doncab because it requires the ability to set a folder link which only members of the Pacific Family offer. If you're not into Pacific and its clones, save your nerves and look elewhere.
  13. Just to inform anybody who falls in love with the gorgeous language selector but wants to adopt this to another template: hands off from Om/Montauk, Brine/Wright & the Doncab family ( Lange, Artesia, York…). The script requires a special ability to set a link along a folder which only Pacific and its clones do, as far as we've tested. Save your nerves if you want to use this outside Pacific – if Inspector tells you this, look elsewhere: alt text
  14. I created a Template Picker to compare all Templates, Variants and CoverPages. edit: …and it's just been overhauled & released in version 2 after 3300 downloads. http://bit.ly/sqsp-template-picker-v2 -- AUG 2016!
  15. Works nicely on desktop nav. Have you left mobile nav in free scrolling mode?
  16. I did this with Aviator - maybe it helps. .yui3-squarespacecalendar .yui3-calendar-pane { padding: 12px; background: #f5f5f5 !important; } .yui3-squarespacecalendar .today{ color: #ff3333 !important; } .yui3-squarespacecalendar .compact-layout .yui3-calendar-day.has-event{ background: #e7d073 !important; } .yui3-squarespacecalendar .compact-layout .yui3-calendar-day.has-event, .yui3-squarespacecalendar { color: #222 !important; } *sss
  17. Use a Code Block or a Markdown Block. Inside the block, paste this and change the colour Hex value #f2cf4a to whatever you like. <span style="color: #f2cf4a; font-family: Babas; font-size: 2em;">INSPIRATION DAY</span> Enjoy - *sss
  18. Hi there, infact, only Montauk (and it's cloned children Julia and Om) combines centered navigation with the use of an index grid. You'd have to fiddle how to hide the overview grid below the selected item of the index and it might be quite a challenge to display the tags and categories. You may like our famous homemade template picker - watch out for 'index'-features. Best regards - sss*
  19. Alright, the code DOES make adifference. Nice hack. %)=) Thx.
  20. Thanks again, you're right, it seems to happen something, but the results are fuzzy on my end so I'll test it in several environents. Merci !
  21. I added it into the advanced code injection section of the cover page and there is no effect. %(
  22. Yes, with pleasure - of course I don't want to place my password here. May I send it to info [at] bachnerco.com ? You have a very nice Mario costume in your profile, but no email address… %)Because the slideshow pics need more time to grasp I want to set an interval of let's say 8 seconds on https://lokalplanet.squarespace.com
  23. OK, sounds good. %) In fact, the original timing ( I removed vour code from my above example now ) sems to be 2.5 seconds. Since I tried all kinds of values, what would I have to place into the code to get a SLOWER timing, let's say 5 seconds? This would be much better for my CoverPage because the pictures are not easy to 'read'. Thank you for your answer. *SSS
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