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  1. Digging deeper I can see what the issue is. The site.css contains the following styling for anchor tags a { color: #8a2445 !important; text-decoration: none !important } The link colour overrides the button text colour, and I guess my link colour is the same as my button colour. I find the override situation a bit odd, considering most buttons are links. Why have a button text colour setting if it is never going to be used? EDIT: I am really forgetful! The problem is caused by custom CSS that I myself added as custom CSS. Doh! Now if I can just remember why I added that custom CSS 😛
  2. The website is at https://winecurrent.squarespace.com/
  3. I am having an odd situation where I've added a Primary Button to a page, which links to another page on the site, but the text is the same color as the background. However, according to the theme (see screen shot) the text should be white. It appears that the primary button text color choice is being ignored. If I change it, the button text color does not change. But if I change the background color, the background color changes. What could be overriding my primary button text color?
  4. "Full post" is one of the options if you go to Blog Page > Edit > Edit Section > Content Display. Anyway, what the options are is besides the point. The question I am asking is why are changes I am making to a specific blog page affecting every blog page.
  5. Is it possible to have 2 blog pages with different Content Display settings? I am designing a site (version 7.1) that has multiple blog pages for different categories. One one blog page I want to display the Blog Post Titles and the Excerpt. On another blog page I want to display the entire Blog Posts. However, when I edit one Blog Page (By going to Blog Page > Edit > Edit Section > Content Display), it changes the settings for both blogs. This is not at all what I expected. I expected that when I edited the section settings for one Blog Page, it would not affect the other Blog Page. Instead, it appears that the Blog Page section settings are global.
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