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  1. Actually, you could also just capitalize 'footer' to target the whole area: Footer p { font-size: 8px; }
  2. Since the footer in Basil is divided into a few sections, you'll need to make sure you're targeting the one your text is in. For example, if you're updating normal text in the bottom footer, this CSS would make that change: #footerBlocksBottom p { font-size: 8px; } If you share the URL for your site, I can try to get you the exact CSS.
  3. Hey Tony, Squarespace doesn't have a file library that stores your photos, but if you deleted the page recently you should be able to restore it. If you scroll to the bottom of your Pages panel and click into your deleted pages, you can restore any page you've deleted in the last 30 days by hovering over the page and clicking 'restore'. Squarespace has a guide for this here.
  4. If you switch templates, the new template will populate with the demo pages in case you want to use them, and the pages you've built in your current template will be moved to the Not Linked section in your Pages panel. This is because the navigation options above Not Linked are not the same on all templates. You can drag them up from Not Linked into your new navigation options once you've loaded the new template.
  5. This isn't possible with Squarespace's Form Block at the moment, though you might be able to set it up in your settings with your email provider. You can reach out to Squarespace with this as a feature request here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. @rozzzebud At this time, it's not possible to copy & paste blocks or collections of blocks on a page. I'd recommend reaching out to Squarespace support here to see if they can file a feature request for you.
  7. Try this in Design > Custom CSS; change font/size/color as needed: .image-slide-title { font-family: courier; font-size: 18px; color: blue; }
  8. Figured it out -- enter this in Design > Custom CSS: .Header-nav-item { margin-right: 2.5em; } You can play with the 2.5 figure to increase/decrease spacing.
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