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  1. Squarespace Forum User Guide The Squarespace Forum is a place for Squarespace users to ask questions, collaborate on ideas, share resources, and receive Squarespace updates. This guide will introduce you to the key features and functionality. Create a new post To create a new post, navigate to the category that best matches your topic or question . Click the button labeled "New Post" or "Ask Question" to begin drafting your new post. posting.mp4 Reply Add a reply comment at the bottom of the post. Replies can include text or attachments. Activity Streams Easily customize content streams that show content based on your preferences. Select “Create New Stream,” choose what you want to see, and save it as a custom stream. Some useful views might include: See only specific types of content See activity from a single or a few specific members See content you haven’t read Follow content Following a post enables notifications either on the forum itself, via email, or via push on the mobile app. Automatically follow content that you create or respond to by updating your user preferences, or follow content that interest you by clicking “follow” at the top of a post or user profile. You can also get notifications for mentions and direct messages. Member Content Find your content easily by visiting your own profile. View another user’s profile to see their latest posts and contributions to the community. Search Search for content by typing into the search field and selecting your criteria using the abbreviated fields. Click on the magnifying glass to access advanced search options, including filters by content, member, group, or date. Quote in replies When you read a community member’s content and want to discuss a particular phrase, quote it in your comment. This helps a conversation flow without confusion about what your comment is referring to. You can also quote from a previously quoted phrase. Attachments Adding attachments is as simple as dragging and dropping or copying and pasting. You can even pull in attachments from existing content that you’ve attached previously. Links to items on other services like Facebook or YouTube will automatically be shown with a rich interface. Image Editor Adding screenshots and images can help show others what you're looking at when you post a question or idea. Double click on an embedded image in a post to open the editor tool and edit the image's size, alignment, and title. Mentions Use the mention feature to invite another community member to join a conversation. Type @ followed by the member’s username to send them a notification. Reputation Reputation points are based on reactions to posts. If a member receives reactions, they gain reputation points and may appear on the community leaderboard. Leaderboard The leaderboard displays members with the highest reputation in the forum. To be featured on the leaderboard, share helpful posts and responses to gain reputation. Setting up your profile You can upload your profile picture, add a cover photo, and edit custom fields by visiting your profile. Notifications Under Account Settings, you can adjust your notifications to suit your preferences. Notifications are available from within the forum, by email, and by push notification via the mobile app. Direct messages Have private conversations with other members. Access your messages by clicking the envelope icon in the top right corner.
  2. This could probably be done with some CSS – could you share the URL of the page you're working on?
  3. Welcome to the new Squarespace Forum! We’re excited to re-launch this peer-to-peer community and expand our focus to help our customers connect and share code, design, and business advice that will help you be successful with Squarespace. In addition to topics around building and customizing your site, we’ve added more around getting feedback and advice about your site’s design (Feedback and Ideas) and ways to increase your presence online (SEO and Marketing). Please read over our Forum Guidelines so we can make sure this is a helpful, inclusive space for everyone. If you encounter any technical issues or need assistance with your account, please reach out.
  4. @GaryMP - You can pull a "last updated" value from the page source. Right click and view page source on the page you're curious about, then search for "data-updated-on", which turns up at a few spots in the html. This will show a value in system time (like "1567008451882"). There's converters online that'll swap this into a readable date & time. If I run that value through https://www.epochconverter.com/ I get this: Which matches the last time I updated that page. That said, I don't think you can get a "Created On" date from the page source by default, though this guide for pulling published dates using Google seems fairly accurate: https://www.maketecheasier.com/find-out-webpage-published-date/
  5. @cakeus It looks like you're adding that code in the Custom CSS panel, but the code you're adding is html (with some Javascript bits inserted). You'll want to add this in Settings > Advanced > Code Injection to see if it works. The Custom CSS panel only supports CSS.
  6. @Arran Great, can see it now – delete the earlier CSS and try this instead: #footerBlocksMiddle { color: black; background-color: white; margin: 0 -2% } Might need to play with the -2% value to get it looking right; the border is set for the whole footer so it'd take a little more work to get the middle section full-width automatically.
  7. @Arran That password doesn't seem to work. Try this in Design > Advanced > Custom CSS and let me know how you get on: .Footer-middle { background-color: white; }
  8. Squarespace recently fixed a bug where products on disabled Products Pages could be added to the cart – previously, if you had a product on a disabled Products Page shared elsewhere on your site (in a Product Block or Summary Block, or linked directly to the URL), the product could be purchased. If you're noticing products can no longer be purchased, double-check that the Products Page is enabled (you can move it to your Not Linked Pages to keep it from appearing in your navigation. @oquay @kevinlh @booking
  9. @Jamaer – I don't understand, are the options to contact Squarespace not appearing after you select from the drop-downs on the Contact page?
  10. @bogieharlow – A Product Block is good for this.
  11. What’s happening We’re excited to announce that later this month, Squarespace Answers will relaunch as Squarespace Forum! The new forum will retain the Q&A-based topics Answers currently serves, and will also include space for open discussions about using Squarespace. As part of this transition, we’re moving the forum to a new platform that offers improvements we feel will strengthen our community. Why we’re doing this We want to build a welcoming community for Squarespace users of all experience levels. By expanding the forum beyond the Q&A format, we hope to generate more nuanced and informative discussion around topics like site design, page structure, and web best practices. We're renaming this community from Answers to Forum so we can help customers better find the support channel they need and open our community to discussion topics our Customer Support team doesn't currently serve. Our new forum platform will have better search and spam moderation so you can more easily find and engage with the posts and content that are relevant to you. Finally, in the six years since Answers debuted, Squarespace has changed a lot: we’ve implemented new features and built robust tools that remove some of the need to add custom code. Users who stumble on an old Answers post might implement an unnecessarily complex solution or miss a feature that would work for their needs. This refresh gives us a chance to ensure users see only the most up-to-date information about Squarespace. What you should expect You’ll log into the new forum at forum.squarespace.com; two weeks after launch, visiting Squarespace Answers will redirect you to the new URL. Squarespace Forum uses single sign-on, which means you’ll log in to the forum using your Squarespace login credentials (including social sign-on with Google, Facebook, or Twitter), and your new Squarespace Forum account will have the badges and trust levels you’ve earned in Answers. To ensure your account is seamlessly migrated, see “What we need from you” below. We’re migrating recent Answers posts and older posts that remain particularly relevant or popular to the new forum. Older posts with outdated information and posts that never received a useful answer won’t move to the new forum. If one of your posts isn’t included in the migration and you’re still looking for an answer, you’re welcome to post the question again on the new forum. To complete the migration, Answers will be placed in a read only state for no longer than one week. Answers will be in read-only beginning Monday, September 30. What we need from you To ensure you can access your account information on the new platform, the email address for your Squarespace account and Answers forum account must be the same. Review your Answers profile by clicking your username in the top-right and selecting Profile from the drop-down menu. To update your email address, click the Edit button in the top-right of your profile. You can review your Squarespace account email from the Account Dashboard. If you don’t update your Answers account email to match your Squarespace email prior to September 13, 2019, you’ll have two forum accounts; one per email address. You’ll then need to contact Squarespace to merge your forum accounts. Additionally, our new forum platform has different username parameters, so your username may be modified if it contains spaces, special characters, or conflicts with another user’s. You’ll be able to update your username when you log into the new forum. If you have any questions, please reach out through our Contact page. Thank you, The Squarespace Community Team
  12. @andrewyoung0811 -- If you've got any CSS added to the site, try removing it; if that resolves the issue you know your CSS is the culprit. Then remove the CSS rule by rule to figure out which one is screwing with the editor. Sometimes just removing and re-adding it will sort the editor out. Let me know how it goes.
  13. @aIVIis -- please share your site's url and the url you'd like the link to point to.
  14. @batmurk -- per Squarespace's guide, you can forward the email to reportphishing@squarespace.com
  15. @Chadikoy - One possibility might be to write your CSS in an external editor and upload the file as a link on your site (in any link on a page, I just tried it with a text link on an unlinked page). Then, copy the link to the file and set up a normal <link rel="stylesheet" href="the-link-you-copied"> in your header code injection in the advanced settings.
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