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  1. Yes I do please. I was trying out some codes that time. I have reverted it back.
  2. Hi @tuanphan, I have a similar concern that I need help with. How can I move only the phone number link on the navigation to the left of the Email now button? Website: https://heroic-media.squarespace.com/ password: vip
  3. Hi @Beyondspace! The password is vip.
  4. Hi, is it possible to hide a portion of the text block and add a slide up animation effect on hover? Similar to the old website here at the bottom section with the services: Cinematography, Photography, Audio Services in Fort Morgan (heroicmediastudio.com) The hover effect needs to be added to their new website on Squarespace: https://heroic-media.squarespace.com/
  5. Hi, I am trying to change the headline and body text color of the promotional pop up to a darker color but it's not working on mobile view. The text just appears white. Is this some sort of bug? Is there any way I can change it? Thanks! Website: dailyhealthbenefits.org
  6. Hi @tuanphan Is there a way to change the text from "Sign up for news and updates" into something else? We want to change it into "Allow us to contact you to explore potential leasing opportunities in the future." Hope you can help!
  7. This worked but is it possible to further reduce the spacing as seen on the screenshot? I really appreciate your help! 🙏
  8. Hi @Ziggy! We want to reduce the padding in between elements and hide the texts below "Join our mailing list" please.
  9. Hi there, my client wants the pop up to appear 3/4 less its current height now. Looks like the built-in popup feature doesn't have customization options for mobile view? Is it possible to make it shorter with code? In the screenshot is how tall we want it to be. Hope somebody can help! TYIA website: https://www.dailyhealthbenefits.org/
  10. Hi I also need help. I need to make the flower image on the footer larger only on the Contact Us page and only on desktop view. I attached a screenshot on how I want it to look like. Hopy you can help me. TYIA! URL: Contact Us — Componere (squarespace.com) Password: vip
  11. Thank you for the replies! I just moved the text from the title to the description box instead so I don't need to complicate things anymore with code. Appreciate the help!
  12. Hi @tuanphan I have added a link now to the header. I can't for some reason add it on the header image area itself. Not sure if this is what you needed but hopefully it could be also moved up to the position we initially wanted. Thank you 😊 Website url is: Home - Heidi Nordlund (heidihealing.com)
  13. Hello, I need help how to add a button to the home page header image? This website is very outdated using a Squarespace 7.0 template from 9 years ago and there is no feature to add a button. Any way I can add a button that says "Schedule a Consultation" in custom CSS? Please see screenshot for ideal button placement. Thank you in advance! Edit to add: Template used is Five if that helps!
  14. Hi Ziggy, thank you so much! This worked! I would just like to add if it's possible to remove the underline on the active link and instead change the color to something like white? So it doesn't look like it has 2 lines.
  15. Hello, is there a code I can use to add in lines in between each link like a divider on the mobile menu? Similar to the design on the rest of the website. Also remove the underline on the active link. Kindly see screenshots as reference.
  16. How do I change the Testimonial block title font? I can't find the option to change it in the site styles nor the edit section settings. It is currently in the heading font style but I want it to be the same style as the paragraph font. site: https://premiercustomdesign.squarespace.com/ password: premier
  17. Hi there, I need help to make the restaurant page auto scroll to the menu section upon landing on the page. Client wants this done because their customers don't scroll enough when looking for the menu. 😅 We want it to scroll past the image, text, and button on the header of the page and right into "Snacks" section. Thank you!
  18. Hi Sorry for the late revert! I have tried it now and it works amazingly. Ooh I see! What a small world 😆 I'll let my client know! Thank you so much for the help 😊
  19. Hello, it seems the focal point is not working on image blocks when viewed on mobile? On mobile view edit, I set the focal point of the main banner to center the guy's face. But when I save it and view live, the guy would go off center again. Is it a bug? or can it be fixed with a code?
  20. Hello, I am having problems with the focal point as well. On mobile view, I set the focal point of the main banner to center the guy's face. But when I save it and view live, the guy would go off center again. Is it a bug? or can it be fixed with a code? The url is https://www.mystorage.vn/ Thank you!
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