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  1. tazmeah's post in Custom Code was marked as the answer   
    The way you'd make an image linkable in HTML is to surround your element in anchor tags. So, to make an image link to somewhere on click,
    <tr> <a href="https://www.google.com"> <img src="whatever"> </a> </tr> When I look at your website though, I don't see this table or table rows, which makes me thing you have some plugin or additional code that is converting it to something else? Also, if you haven't viewed your site in mobile view, I recommend that you do so.
  2. tazmeah's post in How to add Javascript to Navigation Button (7.1) was marked as the answer   
    If you can add a Code Block to the page somewhere beneath your code from above, or inject code into the footer of the page, then this script should work for you.
    <script> document.querySelector(".header-actions-action--cta").addEventListener("click", function(e){ e.preventDefault(); (new timelyButton('jsartistry', {"dontCreateButton":true})).start(); }) </script>  
  3. tazmeah's post in How to change font type and colour for a few words? was marked as the answer   
    Instead of using a Text Block, use a Markdown Block.
    Inside the Markdown block, type something like this:

    Roses are <span style="color:red">red</span>, violets are <span style="color:blue">blue</span>.

    Roses are <span style="color:red; font-family:Georgia; font-size:2em;">red.</span>
    That’s the most basic way with HTML.
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