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  1. I have problem with my website, however I cant login to SquareSpace Custom Support to report it! When I try to log into the customer support site, I get this message ... {"type":"authentication","subtype":"no-existing-session","message":"A valid session is required.","details":{"metadata":{}}} I have cleared my cache and still get the problem. Anyone know how I can contact support please??
  2. I have finally worked out the problem. I will add some detail here incase anyone else hits the problem. The above changes were conflicting with other code in my CSS that allows me to have different shaped images on my website, ie landscape and portrait formats. This is the other conflicting code in my CSS... .ProductItem.hentry.tag-portrait .ProductItem-gallery-slides:before { padding-bottom: 150%!important; } To address the conflict, I simply added a new condition to only apply the change when not on a mobile screen... @media screen and (min-width:768px) { .ProductItem.hentry.tag-portrait .ProductItem-gallery-slides:before { padding-bottom: 150%!important; } } That seems to have fixed it!
  3. This is a great solution, thank you! There is a weird problem on my website though. Where the first image should be, there is a blank area inserted before it. The blank area is the size of an image, so when you first open the page, it appears blank. You do not see any images unless you scroll down. I have tried tweaking it, but with no luck. Do you have any ideas @tuanphan? Here is my product page... https://nostalgique.com.au/gallery/p/nostalgique-book
  4. Hi @tuanphan, Thank you for that! The only problem is that it applied the same setting to the other vertical shop as well. So I moved the code from the Custom CSS area to the Page Injection area for the landscape shop, and all is great! Much appreciated. Cheers, Damien
  5. Hi @tuanphan, Thought I would see if you had any thoughts on how to address this problem? Cheers, Damien
  6. Sorry, forgot to post this in my post above. This is how I have used the CSS code snippet in the landscape gallery which produces the blank areas... .products.collection-content-wrapper .grid-item .grid-image-cover { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; left: 0 !important; top: 0 !important; }
  7. Hi, body.homepage .slide img { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; left: 0 !important; top: 0 !important; } I already have a shop showing only vertical format products, and it works fine with a few CSS tweaks I found on the forums. However I am trying to set up an additional shop page, for landscape aspect ratio products, which I have been fighting with for some time. Don't get me started on why this isn't built into SS!!! Anyway I tried this code (above) for the new shop page with the thumbnails, and its pretty close, which ia great step forward. The only problem is that landscape pictures have a large blank space below the image and above the description. I can see what that is, as my my current spec ratio for my shop is Vertical 2:3 format. So my question, is there an extra piece of code that will remove this bank space and bring the description directly below the product? I have added two screenshots to show the 2 shop pages. The vertical shop is fine, the landscape shop screenshot has red circles to indicate the blank space. My website is here --- https://nostalgique.com.au/places Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Damien
  8. Hi Creedon, I have tested this on the duplicate site and it works well thank you! Your help has been very much appreciated. Cheers, Damien
  9. Hi Creedon, To make things easier I have cloned the site and enabled the shop pages. https://seabass-teal-d2jm.squarespace.com/config/ password: EggsOnToast Hopefully that should work. Cheers, Damien
  10. Hi Creedon, Thanks for the reply. My site is here... https://saxophone-moose-emw9.squarespace.com/config/ It has an active "coming soon" landing page, but all other pages are not active as yet, and the site is not password protected. So I am not sure if you can see those pages at this point? Cheers, Damien
  11. Hi, I have just about finished my website for selling photographic prints, however I have hit a roadblock displaying vertical format products in a gallery and horizontal format images in a different gallery. I have discovered that I can only display one format of images across the site!!! Seriously Squarespace are you kidding me? Sorry folks, rant over, but this is a huge disappointment considering todays technology. So I have been hunting the forum and not found any great solutions. The best I have found is to use some code to "object-fit" the image into the default aspect ratio so nothing is chopped off. However in my case this looks very poor in my landscape format gallery with small thumbnails and lots of space around each image (see second image below where I have added a dotted line showing the vertical format constraints). I should say that my vertical format gallery page is great (see first image below), and am very happy with that. Note that I also tried setting a square format as a compromise to suit both formats, but it is not a great option either. What I need to do is be able to set my second gallery to a 3:2 horizontal aspect ratio so that it does not affect my first gallery which is 2:3 vertical. Can anyone suggest how I might achieve that with some code please? Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Damien
  12. Great, that is it! I just needed the title changed to match, so ended up just using this... .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-title { font-size: 2rem; font-weight: 400; font-family: 'Alice' } Thanks and Cheers!
  13. I have a summary block with a blog entry on my front page. The title of the blog entry is showing with the wrong font, and I cant seem to find anywhere to change it. I have set up my blog with the fonts I want, and they are fine. It is just the summary block is using a different font for some reason. The 1st screenshot below shows the Summary Block with the blog and the incorrect font. The 2nd screenshot shows the Blog area with the correct font. Can someone point me in the right direction to change the summary block font please ? My site: https://saxophone-moose-emw9.squarespace.com/config/ Cheers!
  14. Ahhh, I see. You don't need the root domain. Doh! Thank you!
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