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  1. Hi lovely community, I was wondering if you could help me with https://www.things-change.com.au/. I have added a social media image so the link appears with a bespoke image when sent via SMS, posted to WhatsApp, FB, Messenger, etc The image appears in every platform the way I want it, except for Messenger. In Messenger, the link and the SEO description appear, but the image does not populate. At this stage I cannot tell if it is an issue on my end or Messenger, but would you know how I can check and if it is a problem on my end, what do I need to do to fix it? Thank you for your help in advance. Andrea
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you so much for this. I just submitted a form, and I can see the badge. Have a good day Andrea
  3. Hi, I know the function does not exist with Squarespace, but I was wondering if there will be such an option or if there is a workaround. My client is based in Germany, where many online shops still offer direct bank transfer payments. Germans do not like using credit cards, but mainly cash. Many still opt for direct bank transfers, as they feel they have more control over their money. Do you know if Squarespace will have such a function in the near future? And any suggestions on how to work around it so that customers can purchase their goods and still checkout online with a bank transfer instead of PayPal or credit card payments? Thank you Andrea
  4. Hi, I loaded and successfully activated the reCaptcha function on the URL provided. Today, when I checked and updated the site, I noticed that the reCaptcha has dropped off. I can see it is active if I go into the contact details. I have removed and re-added, but the "I am not a robot" function is not reappearing. Do you know what happened and why I cannot see the box anymore? Thank you Andrea
  5. Hi Tuan, We have been conversing via email, so I am unsure if we are doubling up. The link is below: https://elephant-tuna-9kg8.squarespace.com/home2 Password: Secret I just added the code you sent me via email and responded as I am having problems with the image not bleeding into the navigation and even though I changed the opacity, it keeps bouncing back to too dark. Thank you Andrea
  6. Hi, Long time and nothing from me. My apologies. I am not the ultimate decision-maker over the content and I have only heard back now. I have implemented the Gallery Section Full Slideshow as advised and added the text underneath the section on a black background to make it stand out. It would be ready now to implement the code - finally 🙂 Can I also adjust the time, or will you code the rotation on your end? If you need the timing, please use 5 seconds. A quick question. Once the code is added, how easy is it to change pictures, and will I have the option to change the opacity? In case the text blends too much into the images (or the navigation titles), I would like to be able to adjust it accordingly. Thank you so much for your help. Please let me know if you need any other details. Andrea
  7. Hi, The password is: Secret Thank you Andrea
  8. So sorry. I thought the URL was enought and I did not get a notification via email that you sent this. I just enabled it, but added a password as I don't want the public to access the page yet. Can you still access it that way? https://elephant-tuna-9kg8.squarespace.com/home2 Thank you Andrea
  9. Sorry about that, I was not aware. Here is the URL https://elephant-tuna-9kg8.squarespace.com/home2 I hope that works
  10. Hi, It will be page currently called: "Home" Thank you Andrea
  11. Hi, Thank you so much for getting back to me. Squarespace URL: https://elephant-tuna-9kg8.squarespace.com URL: www.davidbaptiste.com.au I hope that helps. Andrea
  12. Hi, Thank you so much for getting back to me. Squarespace URL: https://elephant-tuna-9kg8.squarespace.com URL: www.davidbaptiste.com.au I hope that helps. Andrea
  13. Hi All, I hope you are all doing well. Could you please advise the best solution for the above site (currently a coming soon place holder). My client would like to have the banner similar to the link below. The important part is that the change of images is automated and that they blend into each other. Plus, he wants the image to bleed into the navigation bar. Is it best, I create a video with the images and use that as a background or is there a code that does not mess with the page too much? The client is aware that this practise will slow down the page but is too keen for this effect. https://www.nathanburkett.com.au/ Thank you for your help on this. Andrea P.S.: please advise if you need the squarespace url
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