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  1. That was fast, thanks a million. Looking into both of these.
  2. I'm working on a project where I need to render screenshots of web pages, but I'm facing a bit of a challenge. I'm looking for a screenshot API that allows me to customize the appearance of the page before capturing the screenshot. Also, I'm hoping to find a solution that can block pop-ups and hide cookie banners from the screenshots. I've tried a few different screenshot APIs, but none of them seem to cover all of the requirements. I need to be able to take both single-element and full-page screenshots and in some cases, I need very specific features. There are so many tools out there, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to find the right one for my needs. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Apparently, I don't know enough about DBCs, I had no idea some integrate with CRM systems or that you can share so many things with them. Sorry I can't help, I just wanted to thank you for starting this topic. Read a bit after seeing this post, but I will look into this more seriously next week. For now, it looks like I might go for Beaconstac, bulk creation and one-click download features are a big plus. (Blinq and Popl seem great too, but I really want to avoid having a separate app for this purpose.)
  4. Hey there. Your website does look pretty, but I do agree with the comment above that you need to educate your customers a bit and only then convert. You can use your landing page for that purpose. For example, what I would do is take those testimonials out of the menu and insert them on the left or right side of the landing page so they would be visible right away. Another thing to work on is your core web vitals, especially on optimizing your store for mobile devices. Today's eCommerce is swiftly turning on to mobile devices with statistics showing that 60% of customers are making payments by mobiles instead of desktops. That being said, you have 20+ images and 4 videos on your landing page. You might want to lower the number of those which will result in a faster web page loading and might decrease your bounce rate(customers leaving your website). I prefer a landing page with 4-5 scrolls at most, which you can adjust so if my bits of advice make sense to you. All in all, I would say that your website is fine. I do like the way you filled your "About" page, which increases the trustworthiness of the website in general, and hence it helps with your rank on google. I hope this helps!
  5. Simple, catchy and visually appealing. You've hit a bullseye with the choice of colours and font. I like the position of the testimonials, only you might want to space out the rows a little as this way the text looks a bit tight. Also when you hover over the menu, you might want to change the grey colour to white for better contrast. Otherwise, it's amazing!
  6. It's simple, catchy and recognizable - all of the needed traits for a good logo imo. Though you've used the red background in your profile pic, this one here is black, and you've used another variant of this logo for your website. My advice is to choose one and stick with it on every platform you use. On the other side, I like some of the designs on your website Mr Street!
  7. The best tip out there is to focus on creating helpful content. That's what matters to both people and search engines. However, there's a little catch. If you don't work on the off-page SEO, you won't even have a chance to someone read your content. Helpful content is not really helpful if no one reads it.
  8. Absolutely agree with you. The tools help you a lot, though creative thinking is what separates you from others. Basically, with paid tools you pay for saving time in gathering the data in one go. While you can do that yourself by combining a few sets of different free tools. I accept critics of this if I'm wrong. I'm a big fan of the free tool Google Keyword Planner. It's not as comprehensive as some of the other tools out there, but it's easy to use and gives me a good idea of how popular a certain keyword is. That proves to be enough for me. However, some of the paid tools mentioned earlier offer more detailed information about a particular keyword in one go, which saves time I admit. But for someone like me, that's on a budget, it just works fine gathering pretty much the same data on my own by combining free tools like GKP, Also Asked and GSC.
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