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  1. .Header-nav-item:last-child:after { content: none; } .Header-nav-item:last-child:after { content: none; } this portion does not remove the effect after the last nav item. i'm on 7.1. any ideas? www.koblecreative.com thanks
  2. @media screen and (min-width:1200px) { section[data-section-id="649b5d5b993ee20f49f08459"] .gallery {width:70%; margin:auto} } This is what i came up with. i used min-width:1200px since mobile devices don't usually go that big. i'm not sure about tablets, though? maybe there is a better way to do this..
  3. regarding the mobile code? the single column code (or any code added later) is what i meant. you can see that image is way too big and way too pixelated. i'd like the image to fit on the desktop resolution, and then slightly smaller. also, off topic here, is it possible to add a code like this: @media screen and (max-width:767px) { #page>article>[data-section-id="649b5de11e603b4b3d20f672"]:first-child { min-height: unset !important; height: 200px !important; } } but include multiple sections, not just one? that way i don't have to copy paste this over and over?? Thanks a lot. your posts all over the forum have helped me quite a bit.
  4. i want this image, on desktop view only, to be smaller on the screen. and would like it not to conflict with custom code i have for mobile devices. https://www.koblecreative.com/koble-creates/v23tray password: password thanks
  5. https://www.koblecreative.com/koble-creates/hwp if it asks for a password try "password" i added a template gallery in there for editing purposes, you can ignore the actual content below that - if i'd prefer to use a gallery section. Thank you
  6. https://www.koblecreative.com/koble-creates pw: password thank you
  7. is it possible to specify one, or multiple, pages to apply this code to? That way it doesn't affect every page
  8. the only way to change the size of the images displayed in my portfolio page is by increasing the number of columns, which i can only set to 4. i'd like to have the thumbnails in the image be the size that they're showing with 4 columns, but only have 3 columns.
  9. I have a basic gallery and if i add rows then the images get smaller, and the overall block is smaller. if i only have 1 row, and 1 image, then that block becomes big and the image is unpresentably large. i can't change the height of the block and force the image to resize based on that. i resort to making an empty block and dropping an image in it which makes the multi-image pages follow a different layout (even if they look the same). i guess i can resort to making them all basic blocks but i like the functionality of the lightbox feature that the gallery has
  10. my image is too tall when i only have one image in a gallery. how can i set a fixed height to match other pages that have 4+ images and prevent the block from automatically sizing to the image size? this is how i'd like the image to look even when there is only one image. centered, preferably. https://www.koblecreative.com/work/brasada thanks
  11. i also just realized that the splash screen is resizing the main image and it looks funky. can i exclude just that page from the code?? thanks!!!
  12. hi, thanks! sorry for the delay the issue applies to this page, among a couple other. https://www.koblecreative.com/work/migration
  13. here is my code: //Resizing mobile background image @media screen and (max-width:767px) { #page>article>section:first-child { min-height: 40vh !important; section[data-section-id="642368d97cda926038bb8689"] { min-height: 10vh !important; } } } So the image on the left is the page with an empty section, i want that section to be resized to reduce the white-space. I have two pages that this will need to be applied to, and maybe more in the future. so i imagine for each page i'll need to insert a working version of the second half of the code. on the right hand image (and most my project pages) that is being resized by the first half of the code. the problem is i can disable the first part of the code and the second half will (seem to) work for the pages in question... but i can't get them both to work together. i've tried deleting pieces of the code (#page>article>section) and messing to try and figure it out but i can't get both pieces to work. Thanks!
  14. to add... i can't even get: <style> a { color: red; } </style> to work in the advanced area of settings. it won't change the link colors in the head area. however, it'll change link text color elsewhere.
  15. i have a background image that is pretty dark. the text and logo in my navigation is also dark, for project pages how can i customize which logo image and font color to use? individual project pages do not have custom <head> section under the advanced area of settings. thanks!
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