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  1. @Beyondspace the url is www.beautifulyoutanning.com. Thanks for your help!
  2. I need help removing the line break in my navigation menu so that the "about us" remains on the same line as other menu items. I have tired various codes from previous threads, however they result in my logo being mis-aligned from center, and/or my "book now" & instagram buttons being too far over towards the margins. Please help! Also, is there a way to make he vertical line over the crown shorter on just the mobile version? It looks fine on desktop, but on mobile I want the vertical line to hover only over the crown (not extend beyond it). https://www.beautifulyoutanning.com Thanks so much for any help! 😊
  3. @tuanphan is there a way to make it so that my button text doesn't also change to this color? I want button text color to turn black (not orange) on hover.
  4. When you click on a specific shop item and are taken to it's own page, the image is cropped. This is not ideal for when you want to sell artwork. I have looked through the forum but can't find the right code to override this image cropping. 😞 Please help! For example: https://www.benkendall.com/shop/p/casual-haley A good portion of the artwork is being cut off.
  5. Thank you!! Curious, what does adding "#page" twice and a "*" do?
  6. @tuanphan can you please help with code to change the hover color of footer social icon? website: www.benkendall.com
  7. No idea why I can't get this code to apply to these links - Body Treatments, Morpheus8, etc... I have used this code, which works on other links but not these. ☹️ #page a:hover { color: #F9CA92!important; } website: www.beautifulyoutanning.com @tuanphan can you please help! 🙏
  8. I can't figure out why my h2 links won't change color when I hover over them. 😤 I inserted this code: h2 a:hover { color: #F9CA92 !important; } Is it because I also used this code to remove the underline and it's overriding it? a { text-decoration: none !important; }
  9. Can you pease help me with code to change JUST the hover color of the text in the navigation button?
  10. I was able to solve it thanks to another forum you had answered. 🙂 .header-nav-folder-content {background: <insertcolor>!important}
  11. @tuanphan - yes, I'm trying to change the 'navigation item' background on hover, as well as the 'submenu item' background color on hover on all pages.
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