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  1. Best approach (IMHO) is to work around it - think outside the square (No pun intended). This works for me: https://viemedia/home No system is perfect and no system will give thew user everything they need; and that comes from over a decade working on Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress*, and more recently SquareSpace. From Google themselves.... possible solutions: Redirects: A strong signal that the target of the redirect should become canonical. rel="canonical" link annotations: A strong signal that the specified URL should become canonical. Sitemap inclusion: A weak signal that helps the URLs that are included in a sitemap become canonical. The one stands out, for me, is to do a redirect. BUT, as a redirect via SquareSpace is only possible for URL that don't exist, then a CDN is needed, I use Cloudflare and simply add a Rule for URL forwarding. Simple. The second option is to add a rel="canonical" link to the Page Setting (Advanced), in Page Header Code Injection. The answers are out there, you just need to ask Google, if the forum is not forthcoming :)
  2. You could also try this if you dont have/want Cludflare. Improvmx
  3. Just go to Cloudflare (or similar), add your domain (free) and the configure email routing/forwarding.
  4. Hi all, although since starting with SquareSpace at the beginning of the year, it was tempting a few times to seek help, I seemed to have nutted it out - I find that the best way to learn. My challenge has been a decade developing Joomla websites. Instead of accepting the strengths and constraints of SquareSpace (compared to a Joomla-type CMS), it became much more malleable to what I was trying to do. Once I found the 'markdown' block, it opened up the system for me. I genuinely love it! My site is the ninth 7.1 I have done since starting in the 'New World', and I am happy with how it has evolved so far. It is not finished yet, but it is time to take stock. Vie Media 7.1 Regards Simon B
  5. Thanks Paul, and sorry for the misunderstanding. Now it makes sense, and may I say a great simplification of the reCAPTCHA configuration. Simon
  6. Thanks Paul, I do understand the adoption and difference between V3 and V2, but I have nowhere to put the site keys?
  7. Hi all, I seem to be missing ReCaptcha from External API Keys section - where I can enter the Public and Private Keys. As you can see from the screen grab, I only have Google and Amazon.... I am sure I have seen Recaptcha there recently, but not now. I have five other SqSp sites, and it is the same with them. Any clues greatly appreciated as it is drive me bonkers 🙃 (
  8. Hi tuanphan, thanks for your reply. Sorry I am not sure what you mean by 'new version' I just checked the added script.. Version : 0.3d0 SS Version: 7.1
  9. Hi all, first post and new to Squarespace - love it! (I have moved over from Shopify, and have a background Joomla) I have managed to get through the Add Description to Category and Add Store Category Page Description (Github), and working well, except I cannot add it to the main parent category - that is sourced from the main commerce menu item (I renamed the 'All' category to 'Wall Art') Parent Category Parent Category (Wall Art) Page Header Code Injection is 'Wall Art' : 'test', Child Category example - the site is live - in case there are some geo lags in DNS resolution, site is accessible via: https://celery-plantain-tgt2.squarespace.com/
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