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  1. Hello, is there any way to customise my site with CSS so that all of my portfolio pages adjust to the screen size? I want the slideshow galleries to change in height so that it always fits on the current screen size and so that you can't scroll anymore. Link: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/architectural-models Thanks in advance! 🙂
  2. this only works for the page that contains the different portfolio items, but doesn't affect the pages of the different projects? do I have to add this code for every page individually or is there a way to add it for all of them at once?
  3. Yes, it's pretty much all the pages under "Architecture" and "Clothing" as well as the info page. Here's some links: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/info https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/open-house https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/opacity-house https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/pavillon-etangs-ixelles https://www.euphoricstudios.com/clothing/tshirt001 https://www.euphoricstudios.com/clothing/tshirt002
  4. How can I change the colours of the "back" link in the navigation folder to be black? I get it to work on all the other links but not on this one. I would also adjust the width of that link as it's slightly different from the other ones. There is an image below to show my problem! Link: https://www.euphoricstudios.com Thanks in advance! 🙂
  5. .user-items-list-carousel__arrow-container svg { display: none; } .user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button.user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button--right div { background-image: url("url of png of your right arrow"); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; width: 30px; height: 30px; } .user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button.user-items-list-carousel__arrow-button--left div { background-image: url("url of png of your left arrow"); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center center; width: 30px; height: 30px; } Try adding this to Design > Custom CSS. You will have to upload a png for each arrow, one left and one right.
  6. This works but only for this specific page, is there a way to add this to all the portfolio pages?
  7. Is it possible that you also show me how to do it with a personal plan?
  8. Hey, sorry for the late reply, I just saw your response. I currently have a personal plan but upgrading to a business plan would be possible for me
  9. Hey, how can I adjust the section width on mobile only so that the content is aligned with the header? Below you can find an img that shows what it currently looks like on iPhone and iPad. Thanks in advance! https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/opacity-house
  10. Hey, I am looking to change the font-family of the accordion title to change on hover, however I want it to change only when actually hovering over the text, right now it changes even when hovering next to it. Is there a way to do so with CSS? Link: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/open-house
  11. Hey, Is there any way to change the site title depending on which page the user is currently on? For example, I would like the title on this page: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/photography to be 'EUPHORIC STUDIOS - PHOTOGRAPHY' but the title on the homepage to remain 'EUPHORIC STUDIOS'. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  12. Hey, Is there any way to customise the gallery on this page: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/photography/analog-photography with CSS to ressemble the gallery on this page: http://www.np2f.com/projet/colombes/ In essence, I want the images, both vertical and horizontal to keep their ratio (as they do in the masonry gallery) but I want them aligned like in a simple gallery. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  13. Hey, yes I mean this arrow style, I currently don't have any page on my website with a "slideshow reel". So I want the arrows shown on the image below to ressemble the ones on your picture.
  14. Hey, as stated In the title, I'm looking to change the navigation arrows of my slideshows to ressemble those of a reel slideshow. Can anyone help me? Here's the link to my website: https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/open-house Thanks in advance!:)
  15. Here you go! 🙂 https://www.euphoricstudios.com/architecture/open-house
  16. Hey everyone, I'm looking to customise the navigation arrows on the galleryblocks of my portfolio pages. I would like for them to become 2 small black circles as shown on the screenshot. Would this be possible with pure CSS? Thanks in advance!
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