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  1. THANK you @Caroline_Smith! That worked and is much cleaner.
  2. Thank you creedon. I do use Squarespace ID Finder. I just wanted to ask before I manually worked the other direction. I usually comment section and block ids, but will be more careful about that in the future!
  3. I have a few section-ids and block-ids in my css that I have failed to comment. Is there a quick way in the developer tool or elsewhere that I can find the page and section or block that the id refers to? Thanks!
  4. When I use an Embed block, it creates a message that is not part of the final content, but nevertheless enlarges the block and takes space from my layout. It is a particular problem in my footer. In the example below, I use embedded code for a button. Another example would be to add code to automatically keep the year of the copyright notice updated. In both cases, the embed block pushes the bottom of the footer down well below the content and I am unable to pull it back up because of the problem message. Is there a solution? In edit mode, the footer looks like this: And the displayed content looks like this:
  5. I have not purchased the email campaigns yet and and trying from the descriptions to decide if it meets my needs. Mysteriously, Squarespace seems to limit automated form replies to donor, newsletter, and purchase form activity. Is there a work-around to add entries from other forms to auto-reply? Just one example, if I have a volunteer form (we are a non-profit), when they submit the form, I'll need to auto-reply with a thank you and additional information. I know I can manually enter the information they submit. Not ideal, but if I do that will an automated response be triggered or do I need to somehow trigger it and if I have to tell the email campaign to trigger a response, does it still count as an automated response or do I get dinged for a blast? THANKS.
  6. Yes, I'd like it to identify the page it's on and yes we have the business plan. I'm surprised I can't just id the link in CSS as active. Thanks for having a look!
  7. I have a small set of related pages that have their own secondary navigation to link them along the bottom of the header banner. The links work fine, and the hover effect works, but I am unable to get the link text buttons to style differently if it is the active page. html <div id="second-nav"> <div><h3><a href="/team-officers">Officers</a></h3></div> <div><h3><a href="/team-board">Board</a></h3></div> <div><h3><a href="/team-fellows">Fellows</a></h3></div> <div></div> <! extra div needed to correct centering of the last item > </div> CSS /* ** Secondary NAV ** */ #second-nav > div{ padding-right: 20px #second-nav { postion: absolute; display:flex; flex-direction:row; flex-wrap:wrap; justify-content:flex-end; } #second-nav h3{ background-color:#8EA98B; top: 0px; padding: 0px 4px 4px 12px; width:100%; z-index:1000 !important; box-shadow: 4px 4px 7px rgba(0,0,0,0.4) } #second-nav h3 a{ color:white !important; font-size:15px; } #second-nav a:hover{ color:white !important; opacity:0.6; } I have tried many variations of this unsuccessfully #second-nav active a{ color:#3d4635 !important; } Thank you. url: https://www.conservenassau.org/team-officers password: see2theSea@dawn
  8. Nice. Thanks for working this out. I thought it might be javascript problem, but I wouldn't have known how to do it.
  9. Thanks much Ziggy for your comments and suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't work. The overlain button container still wins.
  10. the site is https://www.conservenassau.org/wildlifecorridors#resources
  11. In the post Make list images clickable Squarespace 7.1, @tuanphan provided a great solution for making the whole card area clickable. Prior to using this solution however, I had a hover animation effect on the list images. Since this solution expands the button to transparently cover the entire card area, hovering over the image no longer works to trigger the animation. My question is if there is a way to still have individual elements (e.g., the image, title, description) responsive to hover after making the whole card clickable? incidentally, the animation I'm using is .list-item[data-is-card-enabled="true"] img:hover{ transform: scale(1.2); transition: .4s; overflow: hidden; } which causes the image to expand slightly when you hover over it. Currently, I have set the image z-index high so the animation works, but that means the card is clickable, but not over the image. THANKS The site has not been made public and is password protected- see2theSea@dawn
  12. Tuanphan- Thank you! Your time to reply is very much appreciated and is a good lesson for me for using :before and :after elements. Interestingly, in the editor the background image overwrites the solid bar at the top of the header- which had me worried that it wasn't working, but when viewed in a browser outside of the editor, It is perfect. Thanks again
  13. When I send a form to a spreadsheet on Google Drive, can I specify a folder to put the spreadsheet in? I tried including a path in the filename (e.g., "Forms/thisform", but it just created a file in the top MyDrive with that name (including the slash in the name). I tried both forward and back slashes. The back slash caused an error. Thanks
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