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  1. @tuanphan Not working unfortunately...
  2. @tuanphan Yes, the cursor never changes when hovering a link - on any page. The links works though, but the cursor remains an arrow...
  3. For some reason the pointer is not showing when hovering. It shows in a flash and then disappears back to the arrow... i tried to insert this code several places, but no luck... cursor: pointer !important;
  4. @Ziggy But like I said, the reason I inserted that code is that I want the video to show behind that footer? To make the footer transparent.
  5. @tuanphan Well, he asked me to remove the code you gave me: footer#footer-sections { position: absolute; bottom: 0; left: 0; z-index: 999; width: 100%; } But then I am back to the footer not being transparent. https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/omoss
  6. @Ziggy Yes that code was so that the video in the background would show through the footer. I have updated https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/omoss When I remove that code as you suggest, it now looks like this:
  7. @tuanphan Hi, I am wondering if this is messing up my footer being overlapped... would you be so kind and see this new post:
  8. My footer is suddenly overlapping the main section on several pages. Any ways to fix this please? https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/omoss https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/billetter-tickets
  9. That worked on the pages with white backround. For this page https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/frivillige I added this code in the advanced settings: body { background-color: #FEDCF9 !important; } and it works there as well. But for some reason not on https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/program which still has a white "gap"...
  10. @tuanphan nope, still same issue here. Both on Safari and Chrome.
  11. thanks! (also worked putting it into the page setting -> advanced).
  12. I want to expand the text width on just accordion item 3 with the title "Tidligere konserter". Any ideas?https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/omoss
  13. on the page https://www.finnskogutstillingen.no/billetter-tickets a green color shows as you can see. Both under the footer and above the header.
  14. When I scroll down on the page "program" there is a white bar showing above the header, also the same under the footer. Sometimes when the page loads a bit slow, this background color shows... any way to remove this?
  15. @jaeveedee Thank you for replying. Yes that could work for fonts, but I might need to do some more changes also. I saw this guy posting a possible solution; "You can add 2 galleries, then share page url, we can give code to show 1 on desktop, show another on mobile", so I thought this could be a solution for my pages... keeping mobile and desktop separate.
  16. I am about to finish this website: https://finnskogutstillingen.squarespace.com/ password: Finnskogutstillingen24 However, since Squarespace doesn't offer a solution to make certain changes on the mobile site, such as changing font size without affecting the desktop version; is there a way to load a custom page for mobile? So if I duplicate my homepage, call it "home-mobile" and make all my adjustments, can this be loaded when using mobile only? I want that for all my 5 pages on this site.
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