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  1. That worked! Thank you so much @nick_sh
  2. thank you for looking into this @tuanphan The thing is that I am not uploading any font, I am using my Miscellaneous font for paragraph 3. I don't understand why it displays on desktop and navigation on mobile, but not on mobile projects, for example.
  3. This font is not my heading or paragraph but my miscellaneous one. The thing is that it shows in some parts on mobile, so it is working just not displaying. For example, the right custom paragraph 3 font is used in Portfolio titles but not in single portfolio pages or footer. I tried uploading the font as you suggested, but I keep having the same issue: it applies it in some places, but not on others. my website: www.martabocos.com
  4. Thank you @melody495! This is the code I used. The font used is included inside Squarespace so I didn't upload it. p.sqsrte-small { font-family: 'Halyard Display' !important; font-weight: 300 ; letter-spacing: 0.15em; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 1.09rem; }
  5. Hi there! I applied a different font and style to paragraph 3 on my website. It looks fine on desktop, but it shows a random font when viewed on mobile. To make it even more confusing, there are some places on mobile where the right font is displayed but others not. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thank you in advance!
  6. That worked beautifully! Thanks so much @tuanphan for your help
  7. For some reason I don't understand, the Call to action button in the menu on mobile does not follow the same style as when viewed on desktop. When I tap on the button on mobile, the text goes black. Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you in advance! https://www.sophiedalah.com/
  8. Hi there, I hope someone can help me. I am building a website for a catering business. The client wants a booking system with the following features: Book day of the event and sync it with her personal calendar Final price calculator based on previous questions (number of guests, type of menu..) Ability to receive payments Acuity doesn't allow me to calculate the price based on the number of people. Then I've looked into other solutions like Calconic but they don't have the booking feature. Does anyone know about software with these functions and that can be integrated in Squarespace? Otherwise, would it maybe be better (and possible?) to add custom code to Acuity in order to achieve the price calculator? Thank you so much in advance!
  9. Yes! I have the very same question. Different color on the same blog. Eg. "We were empowered by Clare" in red, and "Clare was so empathetic" in blue. Thank you so much in advance @tuanphan!
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