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  1. My wonderful friend figured it out, so I thought I'd share in case anyone is stumped on this: <style> .icon-info {visibility:hidden;} </style> It gets rid of that infoview icon so that your vertical images don't get cropped into.
  2. I feel like I'm close, just need some additional help since I'm so out of the loop with coding! I found this CSS in an answer to resolve removing product-price: <style> product-price { display:none; } </style> After using firebug I was able to figure out the infoview icon is called "icon-info," so I subbed that out for "product-price" in the above code and inserted it into the Page Header Code Injection for the page I want to apply it to - but with no luck. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!
  3. I'm looping back to address the issues I've had with aspect ratio when using full-bleed mode for image galleries in Momentum. Some of our images are vertical, most horizontal which means the vertical images are zoomed in and cropped oddly when you enter full-screen view from infoview. Luckily the galleries are pretty grouped according to aspect ratio, so I've been thinking of just trying to disable the infoview on the pages that have vertical images rather than having to photoshop in black borders to meet the correct horizontal aspect ratio. I want the images to stay in infoview and there not
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