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  1. Thanks for the feedback! I did keep tweaking it after posting the question and found an answer on another forum page earlier today that fixed it. Apparently, I had resized just the top right photo (seasonal high tunnels) within the editing platform using the bottom toggle/handle. That seemed to override the actual photo cropping settings that I did within the image block. Once I double-clicked on the bottom slider in the editing platform, it reset back to the selections that I made in the image block. Baffling, but it worked. The alignment of these two do still look strange in a vertical orientation in mobile (although the two in the next rows are fine), but I can live with it for now. I appreciate the help.
  2. I'm new to squarespace and don't have any CSS experience (although I have found to where to enter CSS code... if I just have to paste it in, I'm good). I'm struggling to work with the alignment of my images on this page: http://verdantstewardship.com/current-projects/. Two questions about it: 1) How can I make sure that the top two images align properly? (They look fine in the editor, but aren't lined up on the live page.) 2) How can I set the pixel width for each image so that all four on the page are filling the same amount of column space? Explicit answers aimed at a beginner would be greatly appreciated! (Not surprisingly, I'm not working in the developer platform.) Thanks!
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