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  1. Dear. our hero Thuanphan🦫 Thank you very much Thuanphan. Again, thanks to you, the problem has been solved and my website has become more beautiful. you are no.1 Tuanphan! From. guineaking🌱
  2. Hello. I want to change the color & stroke color of a shape like the attached image. How can I solve it? URL is https://www.kkerebi.kr/order
  3. Dear. hero Thuanphan🦫 Thank you very much. Finally all problems are solved.🥳 Thanks to you, I got the results I wanted. You are the best! You are the real hero! You are so cooooooooooooool! From. guineaking🌱
  4. Dear. My hero🦫 Thank you sooooooo much tuanphan! Thanks to you, problem solved 🙂 I have one more request, can you please? I want the cursor icon to change like the attached image when the mouse cursor moves over the image. Is it possible? From. guineaking🌱
  5. Dear. tuanphan🦫 it's been a while, hero tuanphan!😀 I tried the way you told me, but I didn't get the result I wanted. When I click on an image, I want it to go straight to the next page, not to open a new tab. I want to move the button area in the title text to an image. I always appreciate your kind answers and clear solutions. From. guineaking🌱
  6. I want to change the hyperlink area of the list section. The current hyperlink area is the red dotted box in the attached image. I want the page to move when the image area is clicked. How can i solve it? page link is https://www.kkerebi.kr
  7. Hi. the image caption titles is moving. mobile, PC both. How can I fix this issue? Thank you KakaoTalk_Video_2023-01-25-16-58-57.mp4
  8. Thank you soooooo much!! Sooooo Coooool!
  9. Protected password : kkerebi URL : https://www.kkerebi.kr Please take a look! I need your help ;(
  10. Hi. I add this code on my main page, but when I connect to a main page, the image caption titles is moving.. mobile, PC both. How can I fix this issue? Thank you 🙂 .image-caption { position: absolute; right: -25px; top: -35px; z-index: 99999; } @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { body.homepage {.page-section.horizontal-alignment--center>.content-wrapper, .content-wrapper { position: relative !important ; width: 85% !important ; justify-content : left ; -webkit-justify-content : left ; margin : 0px !important ; } } } RPReplay_Final1672720485.MP4
  11. hello. I want to change the position of text title in list item section. I want to change the text title to the top right corner of the image as shown in the image. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how.
  12. Thank you so much tuanphan! 🙂 I want to change placeholder - text color. link is ' https://www.kkerebi.kr/letter ' And I have two more questions. first, Faint lines are still visible on the foam block. Can you make these lines invisible? second, When a sentence becomes long on the mobile screen of Foam Block The leading of the sentence does not change, and it continues horizontally. Is there any way to solve this problem?
  13. I want to know how to customize the text area - placeholder of the form block. I want to change it like the first placeholder shown in the image. please help me.. T_T
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