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  1. Sure, go to https://bulldog-tulip-9w7y.squarespace.com/blog/clarksdale-miss-2013 and use password psychOpts (case matters, of course). The referenced buttons will become visible when you hover the cursor at the upper right of the existing comment to the blog post. I'd like them to be permanently visible.
  2. I would like these buttons—that appear alongside any blog comment—to be more conspicuous. They ONLY appear at all when the cursor is near their space—otherwise they are hidden. When they DO appear (because cursor is near), they are faded as in the image here, and only become black when the cursor hovers directly over them. I can live with that faded-till-hover aspect but I'd very much like to keep the buttons permanently visible, without requiring the cursor to be near. Otherwise it is easy for a visitor to fail to realize the buttons are there and that the visitor has the option of replying to the comment (or liking or flagging it, etc.). I want the buttons/icons to always be visible. Any suggestions? Thank you!!!
  3. Thank you for your efforts! Appreciated. It turns out that the problem's been solved by the second of the helpful Squarespace customer care representatives who tried to assist me. The answer was in the small print 🙂 ...When editing an individual post, there is, directly beneath the "Comments On/Comments Off" toggle (which, of course I had "on") is an inconspicuous option that, when you click on it, offers the opportunity to control how long the post will continue to allow comments (the length of time before the post will "disable comments"). It can be set for up to 90 days. In my explorations as a beginner, I didn't fully understand this control (it's self-description is a little ambiguous), and seem to have set it for "three days" for two of the four posts I put up. Once I reset it on both posts for "never," my problem was solved! Thanks to all!
  4. I did try this after seeing your comment on my earlier query (when I couldn't get a new favicon to appear)—thanks for the tip, by the way!—but for this blog-comment-field matter, Incognito made no difference. The comment field was still missing on two (the middle two) out of four of the blog posts I'd put up, when I checked in Incognito. I'm stumped and it's especially frustrating because I really wanted this site to have some interactive features...! But, thanks again for trying to help.
  5. Site URL: https://bulldog-tulip-9w7y.squarespace.com In my Nueva template in Brine (7.0): I'm new to Squarespace, building a site for the first time. I've been working on it for about two weeks and feel like I've gotten the hang of it generally, and have always been able to fix a problem even if it takes a lot of trial and error, though this blog problem is so difficult that it makes me wonder if the software is to blame. Here's what happens... I CAN'T get two of the four posts I've put up (to experiment with) to maintain their spaces in the post for comments. I choose all the correct settings, and can make the space temporarily appear, but then it's lost again, and this happens at the level of the URL, once I've left the setup software: I might see the comment space at that URL level, but when I toggle back and forth between the blog page and the individual post itself, the comment space inevitably vanishes. To indicate that I DO know what the settings need to be, here's how it works... At Home>Settings>Blogging>Comments Settings, I have chosen to "Enable Comments by Default When Posting" Then, when at a posted Blog entry, I click on the "Post/Edit" popup, and get the edit page and choose "Comments On," and save it, the box for comments DOES appear and everything looks fine, BUT when I leave the editing page to see the URL online, sometimes the comment space disappears, and sometimes it remains, BUT when I toggle once or twice between seeing the blog page itself and seeing the page of the specific blog posting, the "comment" space on the post invariably disappears. Then when I go back to the Squarespace construction software, at the "Edit post" popup, somehow the setting has switched itself back to "Comments Off"! It's driving me crazy. Have wasted hours experimenting with all variables. The extra mysterious thing is that there are four posts I've put up as I'm building the site, in order to get a feel for how the blog page looks and works, and the first and last blog posts are fine—their comment space stays present—but the middle two posts have been impossible to fix so that the comment space is there. My site is: https://bulldog-tulip-9w7y.squarespace.com/ And password is: psychOpts Thank you for ANY help!
  6. I clearly have things to learn about this Forum too. I managed to fix my problem shortly after my first post, and I posted a message here explaining that, but for some reason it doesn't appear to be here now. The solution to the problem about changing favicons was simply to clear my cache—"browsing data"—on Google, so that when I refreshed the page, the new favicon DID show up. Thank you!
  7. Site URL: https://bulldog-tulip-9w7y.squarespace.com I successfully uploaded an icon to replace the Squarespace icon in my URL tab, but I didn't like how it looked, so I made a few more to try, but when I repeat the process at Design>Logo & Title, trashing the first custom favicon and replacing it with a new one, the old one is not replaced. Even when I remove the .ico file (or .png—I've experimented with both) without replacing it, so the the "Add a favicon" box there is empty, the first custom favicon STILL stays on the URL tab! I'm baffled. Any recommendations? Thank you!!!
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