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  1. Is there a way to have this code work only on the desktop and not mobile devices? Or even better, is there a way to implement this code but have mobile still scale to width? On mobile it crops a lot from the header images instead of scaling them to the width.
  2. @foleyatwork The code worked for me and at first it was fine on mobile too, but now my images aren't fitting on the screen of my phone, they are much wider with mobile styles on or off. Is there something that should be added to fix that? You can see it at www.weatherbrand.com Thanks!
  3. Another update. Just noticed that as long as youre not using transparent header the header stays fixed. If you use transparent header, on pages where the header is transparent it will not be fixed. This works for me but for some they may want it to stay fixed.
  4. @Paul Thanks your answer works perfectly! Thanks again and Ill be sure to share the information if I see anyone needing it.-Nathan
  5. @arcc any idea on how to reduce the padding above the navigation a little? I made my nav bar a little slimmer but it only brought it up from the bottom. Thanks,Nathan
  6. I came up with one solution for this so far, I have added this to the Custom CSS Editor and it seems to be working: header#header { position: fixed }
  7. I’d like to make the Navigation bar a little slimmer in Bedford. What code can I use for this? I added this to the Custom CSS Editor: #header { height: 70px } This shrank the navigation bar down some, but it only brought it up on the bottom. I can’t figure out how to reduce the padding above nav bar to even out the look. I could use some help there. Anyone know how to adjust the header top padding? Thanks
  8. I am trying to have the navigation bar on Bedford be fixed. How can I make that happen?
  9. @eanderson I tried the code you supplied above on this page -> www.weatherbrand.com/darkchamberindex Im not seeing any results. any suggestions. Im sure I have the correct collection id but maybe I'm wrong. Thanks for your help.
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