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Front-end developer, video & music producer, brand manager and marketing consultant. He/him.

My creative freelancing career began in high school. I was doing video production work for companies like Squarespace and founded the technology publication Okay Geek with my 13 editor team. I remember being in grade 11 at the school's IT department working on video & web development projects and skipping class to work at home on exciting new endeavours. I was incredibly lucky to find my passions so early in life and over a decade later I haven't looked back!

Some of my favourite projects have been the countless music videos I've produced, brands I've launched and challenging web development problems that keep me constantly learning. My passion for music led me to form rock & roll band The Noolands where I was able to apply my skills to a whole new challenging industry and perform for crowds around Canada at some incredible venues and festivals. I’ve also had the pleasure of making various TV, podcast and media appearances as well as publishing hundreds of articles about music and technology.

I've learned to love leading creative teams and enjoy the freedom and discipline of remote freelance work. Over the years, my skillsets have converged into project management roles and I'm seeing the rewards of focusing on the bigger picture for clients and forming new partnerships. Currently, I’m developing large scale virtual conference based solutions for various associations and living with my partner and our hilarious pets in Barrie, Ontario Canada.

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