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  1. @tuanphanyup! Plus also I am using CSS filters for contrast and saturation on the img tags and manually coloring the overlay divs as well. On hover I bring the img contrast and saturation back to 100. Also quick note on using border radius on div image wrappers in Squarespace, dont forget to use overflow: hidden;
  2. Hey @Iiro Thanks so much for this feedback, and super cool app! I think a lot of your comments are in-line with future iterations of the website. I think the next step will be further condensing and focusing the content. Thanks again so much for the awesome feedback!!
  3. Hey @PamelaGomez Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you dig the new website and brand! I am aiming for a mono color brand rocking that #0000FF blue so I'm going to stick to that for now. I strongly agree with the smoking picture, that's been updated. In regards to your third point I've updated all my other web properties to reflect the new brand & key messaging. I think its pretty consistent across all platforms. Can you elaborate on what you would do beyond what I've done? Again thank you so much for the feedback 🙂
  4. Site URL: https://itsbrandond.com Hey Squarespace fam! I'm planning to officially launch my new portfolio built on the 7.1 platform. I would love any and all feedback in regards to the design, content, brand and overall aesthetic/flow. I wanted to highlight some of my favourite projects over the years and make it easy for people to connect with me. Thanks so much!
  5. Site URL: https://itsbrandond.com Hey everyone! Quick question: Launching my personal portfolio website on 7.1 and just needed the personal plan. Totally understand that there are no custom code blocks or injection on this plan, but didn't occur to me I wouldn't be able to implement JSON Schema markup into my site. Fully realize 7.1 sees it as Javascript, but this is kinda critical for SEO for many reasons. Does anyone know a way around this? How can I implement my JSON Schema markup on a 7.1 personal plan? Big picture, I feel this could be implemented in the 7.1 backend by adding an "advanced" section to the marketing menu area where you can choose various Schema options such as @Type and image assets different than the ones Squarespace chooses. Would be an incredibly powerful option for folks on the personal plan and you wouldn't need to add Code Injection capabilities. A great resource to see how it should be implemented is on this page. Thanks everyone!
  6. Prepping to launch my new portfolio website! Wanted to share an early link here, check it out and let me know what you think: https://itsbrandond.com/

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