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  1. The client I'm working with found a good tax consultant who has been guiding us through the process on the tax side. It's been a huge help to have someone to monitor thresholds and explain "Nexus", etc... Not sure if that is an option for you, but it's allowed us to move forward with better peace of mind regarding taxes. It's a tough topic to navigate, unfortunately. It's strange that the VAT tax wouldn't attach on to future recurring payments for your members. It seems that should automatically be added to future charges as soon as you implement it.
  2. Looking for help regarding accurate tax collection for international sales related to digital download products + stripe. It's a bit of a cluster - This is one of those scenarios where we keep going round and round with customer support from multiple companies with no answers - coming here hoping for someone who can help with a clear path forward. CURRENT SETUP: Digital products are set up for sale on Squarespace and Stripe is attached as the payment processor. Sales are based out of North Carolina and that is the only place collecting taxes at this point. PROBLEM: We need taxes automatically calculated for all locations - including international. ATTEMPTED SOLUTIONS: TaxJar - we were told by TaxJar that they do not recommend that we use this solution (long email) - AND - the accountant doesn't want us using TaxJar. Avalara - ruled that out after receiving sub-par customer service, reading reviews, and received a crazy high quote from a sales rep. LATEST RECOMMENDATION FOR SOLUTIONS: The accountant recommends that we set up checkout through Stripe. AND - Ralph (from Stripe) shared this: FROM RALPH: It looks like you are using a custom checkout powered by Squarespace and this is not a Stripe Checkout. Stripe Checkout is a prebuilt, optimized payment form that lets merchants selling one-time or subscription products easily and securely accept payments online. ISSUE WITH LATEST RECOMMENDATION: How can I set this up through Stripe Checkout so that clients can still receive a unique link for their digital download? Thank you in advance for any help/advice on this scenario!
  3. Fixed it by removing custom code. I'm not sure what part of the code was impacting this, but removing it fixed the problem.
  4. I'm not sure what I did, but I goofed up the footer on only one page and I'm looking to get it to go back to what it was. Attached is a video showing what is happening - the first section ("Trees") shows what I'm wanting it to show. The second section "Perennials" shows where the footer has somehow gotten goofed up. I can't even view the footer in the editor. VIDEO: Issue with Footer I'm guessing it's a quick fix - I just can't figure out what the fix is. Thanks! -Katie
  5. Those are both very helpful! I'm not using the tools within Squarespace to their potential and overthinking trying to maintain the integrity of the original template. I need to start using focal points and that should solve some of the obstacles I'm running into. Thanks for helping move the barriers in my process!
  6. This is likely a very elementary question; however, I'm riding the struggle bus on finding a good system and would love to hear how you work through image sizes when working with templated sections. I'm currently working in Squarespace 7.1 So - here goes...SCENARIO: You're working from a blank page > Add Section > Intro > and then you choose a intro that includes an image What are your next steps for sizing that image correctly? Do you right click > inspect >find the image size - then resize your desired image in a program like canva? Do you play around with different images in trial and error? What is your process?
  7. I'm looking for a plugin that offers the same features that this plugin has: https://theeventscalendar.com/products/wordpress-events-calendar/ Specifically looking for the various views that are available. I reached out to them and asked about a SS plugin and they directed me to check out a separate product called Loxi - which didn't offer what I am looking for. I've seen the Elfsight plugin and that seems to have less features with a more expensive price tag. Attached is a screen shot of the features I'm looking for. It looks like they charge $99 annually Got any suggestions for plugins I should check out that might compare to this wordpress plugin?
  8. Looks like the functionality has returned. Yay for a quick fix. Thanks for the input. Happy editing!
  9. I'm currently working on getting through to support via chat. I'll post an update once I have one. Thanks for letting me know it isn't me goofing something up - sounds like a site wide issue.
  10. I'm currently unable to highlight a paragraph of text and delete it. There appears to be a new feature that is promoting the ability to highlight text. Each time I attempt to select the text I'd like to delete, the pop up reappears. There is likely a simple solution that I'm just missing, but I'm stumped. How can I get the SquareSpace pop up to go away for good? I've tried clicking "skip" and the other buttons - it still continues to popup. Link to show issue: https://share.vidyard.com/watch/vdL2N9zXcuFohWmLA6dq16? EDIT: This issue has now been resolved.
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