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  1. This course teaches you how to do that! https://squarestylist.teachable.com/a/aff_9wq2tkn4/external?affcode=369662_plhh9cx9
  2. Site URL: https://cylinder-caterpillar-z2k2.squarespace.com/ https://cylinder-caterpillar-z2k2.squarespace.com/ (password: date123) I have created a "splash" page effect at the top of the home page on this 7.1 site. The client wants it only to display the first time the home page is viewed in a visit. So when the visitor is on a different page and then clicks the logo they want the splash page still hidden. How do I differentiate between initial load and subsequent loadings of the home page?
  3. This is how I add a sidebar into all Brine templates: http://bit.ly/sidebar-plugin
  4. You were right. Adding the image as a transparent png that only spans part of the width works. Turn on parallax scrolling and then use the overlap image blocks on the page to achieve the same result.
  5. The site is password protected. What you could do is put the form on a separate page and then use this plugin to have a button that has the lightbox effect linking to that page. http://bit.ly/spsp-lightbox-plugin
  6. I second Michaels universal filter! It is extremely flexible and powerful! A bit confusing to set up but he offers stellar help!
  7. I would use the tabs plugin from sqsptheme SS for this http://bit.ly/2vZNx5V
  8. Thanks so much @tuanphan for taking the time to answer my question! That solution is working for the journal, but for the Shop it only highlights Shop when the first drop down option is selected and no others. Would you be able to advise how to make it work on all drop downs for the Shop?
  9. For this site: https://limonella.squarespace.com/ (password: limonella), the client would like the feature of the highlighted navigation that is active to also work on 'Shop' and 'Journal'. Shop is a folder with consisting of pages, shop and links. Journal is just a blog summary type page, but she would like Journal to be active when any blog post is active. I believe there is a way with javascript to do this, but this is beyond my level of expertise. I would appreciate any help! Thanks so much!
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