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  1. @melody495 haha yes I hear you! Ahh thanks! That code didnt work for me for some reason🫤(put it in the right area and everything. But ok, so they Are from their mail providers/convert kit etc - so I could go That route. Good to know thats an option with the business plan - thanks again for alllll your help! And your patience💯🙏🤗
  2. Cheers @melody495 (ps love your footer "You Dream It, I'll Make it happen"😊 I love helping people - AND solving problems; except when they're my own & I'm stuck!) Found I'm on the business plan; and re Where I got those both from - ie the 'first name' only thing; (if This helps) here's first one example: https://www.paigebrunton.com/predesign-workbook#enroll No idea now where 2nd one came from but here's another: https://luckynightstudio.com/free-seo-checklist It just seems SUCH a common thing; so Much so I can't recall the last place I saw Anyone have a form asking for a surname too! (which is why I wonder if they're pulling the form in from their mail collector provider ie MailChimp) And So common I thought it Must be built in Squarespace setting🤔 Thank you so Much!🌷
  3. Good question again @melody495. Literally; I thought I was right but wanted to be sure so I just went in created a dummy form on the same page. What I originally did was (as I heard someone online somewhere suggest); change the name field, to a text field - as often people dont ask for last names and I couldnt find a way to Only have first name. Since I went in to REtest; I found the email box Does auto populate; the 'text' field for name is not. Attached are 2 examples I've found which Are on Squarespace; Only ask for the first name yet Still recognise my name and email without me having to type. Given a course module I saw today - if this is Not possible in Squarespace, do you think every site I've seen do it, a code injection from their mail gatherer? ie mail chimp, Zapier etc? Starting to think there isn't a way around this; to only have first name. Have you done this before?
  4. Great pickup @melody495 ! And I can confirm I'm on 7.1. Is there a setting where I can change the "false" over? Seems every Squarespace but mine has autocomplete. Many thanks, April
  5. First time asker! And I'll try to keep it brief. Been on Squarespace for couple years now..... Very much wanting to start launching free opt in offers. However the 'form block' doesnt seem to auto populate name & email details in any browser - this will be a pain point to people to manually enter their details and therefore lower my conversion rate. So I've not continued; and only Just moved it to my menu so people can see it to assist: https://www.selwynsbydesign.com/freebie-opt-in-1 However my Contact page Does auto populate: https://www.selwynsbydesign.com/contact I'm convinced its a simple difference on the back end of the 'form block' settings - as its the single common denominator. Yes I've asked Squarespace (this simple enquiry) to no avail Yes I have auto populate on all my browsers and every site I ever visit auto populates my info into forms I've tested the above links in incognito mode (as suggested by Squarespace) so I've seen what you see; no, the 'Opt in' form block Still doesnt auto populate. I've spent many Hours trying to solve this myself (which as mentioned I'm sure is a simple setting). I've filled in 'Opt in' forms on OTHER Squarespace sites; they autopopulate. Surely I dont need code. Your assistance is most appreciated 🙏
  6. Hi community...first post as I can usually figure everything out myself! In some sections you can close the spacing to Small, reduce the rows, go inset etc - but some sections dont provide any options... Does anyone know how to close the gap between sections so they appear to sit flush against each other? (I have a few like this ie, "Kind Words" text box then has a white space, Then the photos of testimonials. The attached image is a 'Text' box, I can't remove the white space (also attached is the very few options we're given" The "Want to grow your business" is just in a 'Headline' Image and text 'section - already reduced as much as possible Any help is appreciated! (And preferably without coding, although I have some in my site already) Dont know why 'Text' boxes dont offer the same. Thank you in advance!
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