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  1. Hi there! I need some help with CSS to get the contents of an embed block to fit on mobile. I attached some screenshots along with access to view the site. https://holstein-homes.squarespace.com/active-properties Password: holstein Thanks!!
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to create a page on my website to display my website work. Rather than creating individual pages within the portfolio for each site, I'd rather just have it link to the sites themselves. Is there a way to do this without URL mapping? I followed this thread - However, I have the Squarepaste Portfolio Filter Code in place so the code from the above thread did not work with the filter. Here is the page - https://studioeleven11.co/websites My developer is OOO atm & I'd like to get this up this weekend so thank you in advance!
  3. I have a photography client of mine who is looking to divide her site into two - one to showcase her photography, & then the other to highlight her course offerings. How can this be achieved? I found this website that is set up almost identical to what we envisioned - https://www.coastalcollectivemarketing.com/ & the site is designed on Squarespace too! How can I achieve this look? I inspected the code & purchased Will Meyers Tab code injection but I believe I'm missing components to make this possible. Also - is there any way to create separate navigation options for each side of the site? Or would this make everything too complicated? Thanks!
  4. @VisualNotes Thank you! That worked perfectly. I now only have a slight gap below the video but I believe that will be a custom CSS fix.
  5. @tuanphan Thank you! That helped the video from re-sizing in on different browsers and device sizes however there is still a small gap below the video. Any ideas on how to remove this? I tried to play around with fluid engine spacing but it would not work.
  6. Is there any way to size images and videos to be the exact height of a section? I'm trying to make the website look cleaner and more responsive by removing the gaps between the content and the edge of its respective section. I input some custom code I found on the forums to re-size videos, however, I'm still getting gaps between sections. Especially across browsers and device sizes. I've attached screenshots below. Website link: https://mj-photo.squarespace.com/ Password: Madeline The issue is very noticeable among images and videos on the home page. Any insight is appreciated!!
  7. Hi there - a client is requesting that the text throughout the website be aligned with the full-width navigation. I attached screenshots. Is there some way to add custom code to do this? Seems like I'm limited with fluid engine unless I want the text to extend all the way to the edge - which I do not want. Thinking I might have to make the navigation inset in order to make everything aligned - however the client requested the text be closer to the edge of the screen like the navigation is 😕 Any insight is appreciated!
  8. Yes exactly - when their cursor is on that gallery section I suppose. If you take a look at the website I linked as inspiration, I would want the gallery to mimic the one on there.
  9. Hi, I'm sharing a site I'm doing for a client. She was looking to have her image gallery on the bottom of her home page move to the left upon scroll. Is there any way to do this within Squarespace? I tried two different gallery setups (as you can currently see on the site) with no luck. The Gallery slideshow reel section is very similar to the look I want, however, the images move upon click instead of scroll. Here is the photo she shared with me for inspiration: https://www.tarynkent.com/ Website link: https://mj-photo.squarespace.com/ Password: Madeline
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