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  1. Sad to see there is still no tablet viewport in 2024. Websites on iPad look appalling.
  2. Hey Guys! Just discovered this group 👋 My name is Vlad, owner of eightysix creative https://eightysixcreative.com/ and I am based in Melbourne
  3. It would also be great to see a tablet & laptop breakpoint not just desktop and mobile. The websites look horrible on iPads especially buttons and spacing. It's so disappointing that a major service like squarespace doesn't have these basic functions.
  4. It's only on tablets that I experience this problem. Thank You
  5. Hey Tuanphan That code works! The only issue is some of the buttons overlap onto each other
  6. Thank you for this! I will give it a try! Will this fix all the buttons on tablet layout or only that specific button?
  7. Yes I want to make the text on one line and have more padding like the desktop buttons. 🙂
  8. Please fix tablet layout or at least provide a breakpoint editing option - It's crazy not to have one in 2023 - Every other website creator has a Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Viewport / Breakpoint at minimum.
  9. Hey It's https://8tysix.com.au/home-h2-2023 and Pass is 1010
  10. Literally every other website builder I have used has had a tablet layout / viewport editor. Some go even as far as Desktop / Laptop / Tablet / Phone / Phone Small Screen It's extremely disappointing to see that Squarespace doesn't. My website I have been building looks absolutely crap on tablets and Squarespace support have offered basically no support. I always get a stock standard response of "we currently don't support that feature, if you feel comfortable writing code you can use CSS" What are we paying for?
  11. Hi Guys I've been Squarespace for my website for 2 years now and I am finding it increasingly challenging as Squarespace is lacking a lot of basic functionality for a website builder in 2023. Has anyone figured out a way to improve the layout on tablets? As well as the buttons? Building my website for desktop mode is fine, mobile layout is adjustable but when viewing the website on a tablet it just looks horribly wrong and unprofessional so you have to be careful with what elements you use and how you arrange them. See images attached. I have contacted Squarespace support and they have advised they don't provide a tablet layout feature which is concerning and disappointing for such a big brand. The three main mediums for viewing websites are Computer/Laptop, Tablet, Phone. Due to this it's a little hard to get creative with layouts unless you know a lot of code, but even with code some things don't work well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  12. That worked in a way! Thank you! 🙏 Is there a way to adjust the top and bottom separately to the sides? This method adjusts every side so the highlight border touches the other letters.
  13. Hey everyone Just wondering if any knows how to increase the padding around the text so the text is not touching the purple background. Essentially I want to increase the size of the purple background. This text has been done using the highlight feature I have tried using CSS and doesn't seem to do much apart from move the text to the right only. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank You
  14. It's so annoying that they have removed the Gallery Block in 7.1 I want to create a Small Square that changes images, I don't want to do a gallery section that spans across the entire screen. Does anyone know if this is possible?
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