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  1. Hi, Thank you, I haven't been able to find the rename text option anywhere, but this code worked perfectly for the font. Thank you very much for all of your help!
  2. Hi, Thank you very much this works perfectly. Is there also a way to choose the font within the button? Is it also possible to change what the button says, in this case could it say " 12 x 12" " rather than " Select Size" ? Thank you again,
  3. Hi, Thank you, it now seems to be working on desktop, I think the previous info must have been cached. Would you know how to have the border of the select size box on desktop (mobile is fine) appear as one colour? I believe it presently has the "raised" border. Also, would you know if it's possible to change the background colour of the select size box to white? Thank you again,
  4. Hi, Thank you again, it is now working also on desktop, I think the previous info must have been cached. Thank you so much for this help,
  5. Hi again, Thank you so much, this is working perfectly on mobile, I've gotten the widths of the buttons to be equal as well, but the widths don't remain equal on desktop, I tried adding "!important;" to the width input, but it didn't help: #productDetails .product-variants .variant-option select { padding: 15px; width: 197px !important; border-radius: 0 !important; } Would you know of something that can help to keep the same width of buttons on desktop as well? Thank you again,
  6. Hi, Thank you so much, this is working perfectly on mobile, but it doesn't seem to work on desktop. Would you know of anything that could help for that? Thanks again,
  7. Hi, Ok thanks for your help, it was more about not repeating the content for each product click, I will try to find a work around using another type of page. Thank you very much for your help,
  8. Hi, Sorry about that, here is an updated link: https://www.myriamrousseauart.com/new-products/lion-iii Thanks,
  9. Hi, Thank you, here is a link: https://www.myriamrousseauart.com/new-products/lion-iii Thanks,
  10. Hi, Would anybody know how to change the lightbox theme to light overlay (rather than dark overlay) for the images (both the feature and caroussel images) on a product detail page? I tried these with no success: .gallery-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } and: .product-lightbox-background { background-color: white; } I'm using Avenue template 7.0 Thank you,
  11. Hi, This worked! Thank you so much for your help,
  12. Hi, Thank you, Here is an example page: https://www.myriamrousseauart.com/new-products-2 Thanks,
  13. Hi, Thank you, Here is an example: https://www.myriamrousseauart.com/baby-animals-1/panda-iii I have tried this code and it helped, but the corners were still rounded: .variant-select-wrapper select { padding:12px; width:43% } Thanks again,
  14. Hi, thank you, https://www.myriamrousseauart.com/new-page-3-1 The first 9 images are image blocks + text, ( the last three are a gallery block). So to have it scroll panda, polar bear, elephant, lion, etc, on mobile, rather than panda, lion, seal, etc. Thank you
  15. Hi, I've created a page of images that is 3 columns wide, 3 rows high. Each image has a text box underneath (I am not using an index page or gallery block because I'd like to have 2 lines of text under the image which isn't possible with either) When the page goes to mobile, the columns are read first, so the order is changed from what it is meant to be (which is from left to right). Would there be a way to have mobile view prefer horizontal order, placing each image from the rows first, rather than the columns? I'm on Avenue template 7.0 Thanks for any help
  16. Hi, Would anybody know of a way to jump directly to the content of the product when the item is clicked, rather than see the title header each time? I've had no luck with anchors, could anybody suggest some coding? I wonder if the "Page Header Code Injection" in Advanced Store Settings could be part of the solution? I'm using Avenue template (7.0) Thank you in advance, (image as an example of jump to content)
  17. Hi, Would anybody know how to have the "Select Size" button on Avenue template (7.0) product page look like the add to cart button (as in example image)? Thanks for any help,
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