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  1. Last update to this post - after emailing the support team, they confirmed what we already know that Gallery Blocks are not allowed on certain pages like portfolio sub-pages. The final kicker, though, is that they told me "Circle members can add gallery blocks to all content areas in 7.1. This is one of the benefits to being a Circle Member." So this functionality exists AND is capable on 7.1....but only if you're a superuser. I am not interested, especially after how frustrating it was to format my portfolio properly, in becoming a Circle Member. Ironically, not having access to tiny features like this is making me look elsewhere for a website builder once my subscription is up. Disappointing all around.
  2. @paul2009 thanks for clarifying. I did bring up the issue with someone on a live chat session, but who knows if/when the issue will actually make it to someone on the dev team. Perhaps I can email someone to get Gallery Block access sooner rather than later.
  3. Much appreciated, and yes this seems to be the only way to do so in non-gallery block pages. Still quite an unintuitive solution as opposed to dropping in a gallery block and uploading images directly. Here's hoping someone on the dev team is working on this.
  4. @derricksrandomviews appreciate the advice but unfortunately gallery sections are too clunky for the visual layout I'm aiming for. I'm looking for a carousel that can fit directly into an existing section, as demonstrated by the video's "Testimonial Carousel" example. Gallery sections are too much of a separate entity and make the images disjointed from the text I'm trying to connect it to. It's like when you're making a slideshow deck; I don't want the text and images on separate slides, I want them on the same slide to convey a specific narrative. Per my above post it seems gallery blocks are not supported on portfolio sub-pages, which then requires a roundabout solution like the "Testimonial Carousel" way. It's just so unintuitive that I was wondering why it had to be that way.
  5. Gallery blocks are unfortunately not supported for portfolio sub-pages, which is what I'm trying to add the carousel to. Per the gallery block support page: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543407-Gallery-blocks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to assume it's some backend restriction, otherwise I cannot understand why image carousels would not be available to someone trying to create a nice visual portfolio of work. Again there is a workout but it requires making a "Summary" block carousel which can only point to other sections of your site. Screen Recording 2023-02-02 at 3.34.30 PM.mov
  6. As per the title, I'm curious as to why simple image carousels are so difficult to make in 7.1. There are many times where I want to add one alongside some text blocks to make my page more dynamic, but there is no way to just simply upload a series of images and create one. Instead, it seems one has to create a Summary block which only allows carousels that point to other sections of your website, then create a separate non-linked blog page hosting those images, which THEN requires some code to not have the carousel be clickable so as not to navigate guests towards those non-linked blog pages? WHY can I not just create a simple carousel of images? The above method I described was derived from this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oCMV3FsIuk&ab_channel=RebeccaGraceDesigns-SquarespaceCodingExpert As a beginner I would have had no idea how to get that carousel to work that way if not for this tutorial. But more frustratingly, I can't fathom why the Summary carousel option can't just allow for a regular series of images to be uploaded directly to it?
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