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  1. Nick brother. it worked. Iv been trying to do this for a week. thank you so much. I know nothing about jQuery but you inspire me. Awesome work. I will be in touch with you maybe we can set something up on an "as-needed" basis and i can Paypal you or something.
  2. i basically want my social media buttons directly under the navigation links (blog, about us, contributers etc) and above the first blog post. Exp PIXXBEE -------------blog--about us--contributers-get you site on pixxbee------------------ Twitter button / facebook button first blog post.second blog post etc.. the problem is when on the mobile version there are no social media icons untill you scroll past all the blogs since my desktop version has 2 columns. Mobile version shows the blogs as column 1 and social media as column 2.
  3. im actully thinking i might leave it how it is. but is there anyway to get the twitter and facebook buttons on the very top left of the page between the navigation bar and the first blog post?
  4. Nick, I am also trying to do this for my site. I paste the code into css but am not getting any results.Any help would be awesome. Thanks!J
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