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    jackcavell got a reaction from tjskywasher in Change "You have nothing in your shopping cart" text   
    Website is far from finished but having some trouble with this custom code
    My aim is to change the "you have nothing in your shopping cart" text to read "Your collection is currently empty!"
    My cart is acting as a collection for clients to view their selected talent, almost like a wishlist
    The code below is working, but not every time, then if you refresh the page, it works again. Also if you have people in your cart/collection and then remove them, it again reads "you have nothing in your shopping cart"
    Any ideas?
    <script> window.onload = function(){ if (document.body.classList.contains('show-cart-page')) { var pageTitle = document.querySelector('.sqs-shopping-cart-wrapper'); pageTitle.innerText = "Collection"; pageTitle.style.opacity = 1; !important } if (document.body.classList.contains('has-cart')) { var pageDescription = document.querySelector('.empty-message'); pageDescription.innerText = "Your collection is currently empty!" pageDescription.style.opacity = 1; } }; </script>
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