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  1. Any chance did you find a solution for this? Im also looking for a button to empty/clear my shopping cart
  2. Website is far from finished but having some trouble with this custom code https://parakeet-radish-lrza.squarespace.com/cart My aim is to change the "you have nothing in your shopping cart" text to read "Your collection is currently empty!" My cart is acting as a collection for clients to view their selected talent, almost like a wishlist The code below is working, but not every time, then if you refresh the page, it works again. Also if you have people in your cart/collection and then remove them, it again reads "you have nothing in your shopping cart" Any ideas? <script> window.onload = function(){ if (document.body.classList.contains('show-cart-page')) { var pageTitle = document.querySelector('.sqs-shopping-cart-wrapper'); pageTitle.innerText = "Collection"; pageTitle.style.opacity = 1; !important } if (document.body.classList.contains('has-cart')) { var pageDescription = document.querySelector('.empty-message'); pageDescription.innerText = "Your collection is currently empty!" pageDescription.style.opacity = 1; } }; </script>
  3. Nothing, it's still just opening quick view I'm open to any other suggestions for showing an add to cart button for each product, this just seamed like the easiest option but maybe not!
  4. The site is still in early stages but link is below https://parakeet-radish-lrza.squarespace.com password: nms123
  5. Thank you for the response, the site is still in early stages but link is below https://parakeet-radish-lrza.squarespace.com password: nms123
  6. Any ideas? Hoping for an add to cart button on a product page and this is my best bet Someone sent me the below, which didnt work <script> $(function() { $("#item-5d2755ebe6b58600010e5dea .sqs-product-quick-view-button").replaceWith("<div class="sqs-add-to-cart-button-inner">Add To Cart</div>"); }); </script>
  7. I've got the below code as a code block in the footer currently, which is working and creating the PDF, but its only showing the actual footer in the PDF, not the shopping cart items which I need it to. <a href="https://pdf-ace.com/pdfme/" target= "_blank">Save as PDF</a> Whereas in safari, if i press file then export as PDF, it does show the entire page which is what I need. Just need a button/shortcut to that for ease for clients Any ideas?
  8. This is basically a side site from a much bigger agency, showcasing a handful of commercial talent The cart feature is used in the same way the main site uses its "Collection" - for clients to sort of compare their selected talent. I'm also hoping to figure out a way to insert a "save page as pdf" button to the shopping cart but still looking for a possible way to insert some sort of custom text or code to the cart. The add to cart button is the priority at the moment before we decide if we can continue with squarespace for this particular project
  9. I'm using product pages to display my 'items' and want an add to cart button under or on top of each item so you can add items to your cart without entering the individual items page. Is this possible somehow? The reason being, we are using the shopping feature as a talent booking feature by removing the pricing and checkout buttons. Screenshot attached
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