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  1. Hi there, I have a page on my site which has three galleries positioned next to each other - on mobile they stack on top of each other, but on desktop, next to one another. My issue is that the last of the three galleries (the one on the right) doesn't align with the other two - it's slightly shorter, positioned higher on the page. I checked the image dimensions of the gallery content and they're the same, so I don't understand how this could be happening. Could anyone help? I have attached a screenshot to show what I mean!
  2. Thanks for that! It's great, but, I don't want to use the google plug-in.I signed up for Weglot through the Squarespace trial... I need to link in that service - and hopefully that won't include featuring a logo that isn't ours.
  3. All of it if possible, including the horizontal line! I have enabled the other language Welsh (which is Cymraeg in Welsh). Thanks so much!
  4. Hi, I followed the instructions here and sent an email with the share password - did you get it? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm wondering if you could help me with code for placing text after the 'sold out' message on this page to say when it will be back in stock?
  6. - I don't have a live domain linked to the site yet - but im building it here - https://hawk-arugula-et8r.squarespace.com/
  7. Hi I am starting a new website and I want to add a horizontal line across the top of the header - not a border, the line should be around 5% from the top, and above it I want to include a logo icon and language options, as I plan to make the site bi-lingual. On a separate note, I wonder if it's possible to have an image in the block beneath overlap the header on some pages? I have attached a photo of what I'm looking to create: Many thanks in advance! :
  8. Before I go ahead and create this on canva then use image blocks, is there a better way on the site to create a graphic for breaking down a process into steps, (for example, 1. get in touch 2. discuss your needs 3. finalise designs 4. build 5. delivery). The site is on 7.0.
  9. I have made a page specifically to play about with different fonts, the URL is www.heartwoodsaunas.com/arden-copy-for-font-test -thanks!
  10. I planned to create a new page that's not linked and is just a copy of another page, so I could mock-up how other fonts would look. I've done this now, it's currently enabled and the URL is www.heartwoodsaunas.com/arden-copy-for-font-test
  11. Hi I'd like to play around with a few different ones, so just the code with an indication of where to input the font name and size would be great!
  12. Hi I'd like to test out using a few different fonts for headings and body text on just one page of the website without it affecting other pages, can someone help with this? The website is www.heartwoodsaunas.com
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