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  1. Ok, I misunderstood. But I followed those instructions developer tools>clear site data and it's still hidden. I opened Squarespace in Edge and Firefox for the first time and it's hidden. Closed all windows, restarted. If you have any other suggestions let me know or I will have to revert back since. I appreciate the help regardless. This useful?
  2. Sorry I can't get the events to show on the website configuration page even with different browsers/incognito/clearing cache. It is working on the public view yes. I meant when logged into the Squarespace account all the published events are removed from the page. If you look at screenshots above the code says display:none is being applied to all of them.
  3. Oh interesting...it is hiding it within Squarespace configuration, I was just refreshing the events page. I guess it's not that big of an issue but I can't preview it. Any idea what would cause this? Can we change the code to hide events with tag of upcoming, would that work better? I tried adjusting the CSS but I must be doing something wrong. I see it's working on the public site thanks.
  4. Thanks jpeter, I tried that but it hid all the events, even the one that didn't have a featured tag. I double checked the tags and settings, everything is correct. Seems like it is selecting the entire data-section and ignoring the code after. I also tried adding a tag of upcoming to the event i wanted to hide and using this code: (syntax is probably wrong) [data-section-id="60352a2206b45a3cc7e308e0"] .eventlist-event(.tag-upcoming) { display: none; } Is there a small error somewhere in the code?
  5. https://sidoti.com/events My ultimate goal is to have featured events and upcoming events on the same page but different sections. But in order for upcoming events section to display events they have to actually be published then I can filter it. This creates a problem because it adds it to the main events section (I only want 2-3 events featured at a time). I am unable to customize the main events section to show specific tags/categories. So my thought process was to publish all the events and hide them with code. I don't want to hide them entirely, just from the featured events section.
  6. I only want to have one 'contact us' page with one form. And if someone wants to contact marketing they can select it, or sales, etc. But the form will go to the correct corresponding email. Is this possible or can someone give me a nice workaround so there isn't multiple forms on one page. Do I just have to make separate pages and link them under the nav? thanks
  7. When we originally tried getting search console to get our events displayed it kept giving errors that we had no location, along with other issues so we filled out as much as possible in Squarespace to get it to populate. As a side question...can anyone explain why our December event is linked to this random Veterans Job Fair? I had search console recrawl the page but nothing has changed. Posted in google forums twice but haven't gotten 1 response.
  8. Site URL: https://www.sidoti.com/events I want to get our events to show up when someone searches "x near me" or "online conferences". I have tried putting the event on Eventbrite which is another issue since it doesn't even show up in the searches there. What can I do to our Squarespace page or update the HTML to make this happen? I am fairly new to Squarespace and coding but have a more experienced team to help. Is there a step by step guide someone can link me too. Any idea why Eventbrite isn't even showing in their search. It's published, active, and public so I don't know what else the issue could be?
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